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Sega's enlisted the services of their all-time greatest ninja warrior, Joe Musashi, for a brand new multi-leveled Shinobi adventure! Break out your shurikens, ninja fans, this Game Gear game is fresh!

Who Ya Gonna Call?

When a powerful evil force invades Neo City, the Master of the Oboro school of Shinobi dispatches his best students, the Blue, Green, Pink, and Yellow Shinobis, to investigate. Now they've disappeared. It's up to the oldest, wisest, and strongest pupil, Joe Musashi - the Red Shinobi, to rescue the missing ninjas and rally them to destroy the City of Fear!

Musashi must travel through four parts of Neo City including downtown highrises, a raging river that leads to a huge waterfall, tankers moored at the city harbor, and an abandoned pagoda.

PROTIP: Most of the enemies shoot and attack in a set pattern. Step back to study their patterns before you attack.

PROTIP: Since you have a limited amount of Ninjutsu power, it's best to save it for the end of each level.

PROTIP: You often hear most enemies before you actually see them. Keep alert and stay ready for danger!

PROTIP: You can wipe out some enemies from below. This way you strike it without fear of reprisal!

PROTIP: Once you learn the location of power-ups and extra health units, plan your strategy accordingly. If you have a full health gauge, attack your enemies first, then return to replenish your health units.

PROTIP: Always jump back after touching a bonus item. It might be booby-tapped.

An army of evil ninjas and warriors hides behind every corner, rock, and bush! Enemies include mallet-carrying strongmen, archers, flame throwers, flying disc throwers, nunchuk-throwing women warriors, and ninja frogmen. Bosses await Shinobi at the end of each level - a killer helicopter, a hot-to-chop black ninja with dual swords, a giant robot, and a giant hovering mask of death.

Team Shinobi

Upon defeating each level's boss, you free one of the captured Shinobis and add them to your team. Each Shinobi has a weapon, a special ability, and a secret Ninjutsu power - Joe carries a sword and creates earthquakes, Blue Shinobi hurls a crescent blade yo-yo and becomes a human tornado, Yellow Shinobi throws spheres of "Shinobi force" and forms an invincible lightning barrier, Pink Shinobi pitches bombs and flashes a blindingly bright light, and Green Shinobi throws shurikens and projects a powerful, screen-clearing blast.

You start with five lives, four health units per life. An assortment of bonus items appears throughout each level including valuable 1-ups, extra health units, and Ninjutsu power-ups.

Shrimpy Shinobi?

Shinobi is a fast-paced and challenging game regardless of its size. Gameplay is extremely smooth and the detailed graphics are astounding! The game maxes out the Game Gear's superior range of color values and renders extremely smooth character and background movements. You'll love the nasty thunder storm special effects in the harbor level!

Shinobi's only major drawback is that it's limited to 4 levels and 3 rounds per level. A game this good makes players wish it could go on and on! Shinobi's a sure bet!!


Shinobi by Sega


Available now, 2 megs

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