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Reviews: Cyborg Hunter / Chouon Senshi Borgman (超音戦士ボーグマン) - review by CVG magazine

Cyborg Hunter from Activision is an arcade adventure in the mould of Zilion, and while it doesn't score high marks for originality, makes up for it with plenty of fighting and shooting action.

The Cyborg Hunter in question is a tough 'n' ruthless mercenary who's more than a little cheesed off with the antics of Vipron and his vast army of homicidal robots. They've been whooping it up and terrorising the neighbourhood, and Cyborg Hunter has decided enough is enough, and is going to stonk right into Vipron's fortress and teach him a lesson he'll never forget...

As you can imagine, chez Vipron is a big, dark and foreboding place, and is packed with Vipron's horde of metal maniacs. They lurk in halls, outside lifts, and around just about every corner of Vipron's horizontally scrolling abode. So Cyborg Hunter is in for a bit of tough time.

Being a mercenary type, CH is a hard dude, and can give as good as he gets, and any renegade robot who bars his way can be destroyed with a few well-aimed kicks and punches. Mind you, while CH is kicking seven shades out of the robot, the binary baddie tries to get in a few thumps of his own in an attempt to wear down the hero's energy bar.

Vipron's castle has different levels, which are accessed by entering the lift and travelling to another floor. The higher the floor, the tougher the robots — so it's best to stick around on lower floors until you're adept at fighting.

The objective is to reach Vipor himself, and give him a darn good thumping. And with you in control, Cyborg Hunter's not going to fail, is he?

As I've already said, Cyborg Hunter isn't the most original game around, but it is addictive and challenging, with a large map to explore and plenty of robots to reduce to scrap metal. Zillion fans should certainly be in their element here, although those who find this type of game tedious should steer clear.


CVG magazine

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