He came from another planet, on a package holiday to Earth. Silly alien, he’d get a better suntan on Mars!

Run away, Sonic, crack up, Dizzy, and get outta here, Pac-man! There’s a new guy in town and his name’s Linus, Linus Spacehead, a lone tourist from the planet Linoleum on a fact-finding mission to Earth. He came, he saw and he went home again.

The only problem was he forgot to collect proof of his visit to the king of all planets. Whaddaya do?

The plucky adventurer must return to Earth and take a few snaps with his handy space camera. Guess what? He needs your help.

Using a unique ‘point and click’ control method, move Spacehead around many locations. Objects, scenery and characters can be selected, along with a range of keywords to make up sentences.

For example, to give a balloon to the scary monster (whoops, given a clue away!), you’d first select the word ‘Give’ then cycle through your objects to ‘Balloon’. The Master System adds ‘to’, then you point to the scary monster. Easy!

Phone home!

Cosmic Spacehead isn’t entirely an adventure. There are platform sections where extra lives may be gathered and all kinds of miniature arcade games are spread throughout Spacehead’s journey.

As with all Codemasters productions, there’s a fun feel to the whole caboodle. Puzzles aren’t so hard they put off beginners, but they increase in difficulty the longer you play, making it quite a challenge for all ages.

Visually, Cosmic Spacehead is reminiscent of a 1950s idea of the future, with lots of strangely-shaped buildings and dashing outfits. The little guy himself has all kinds of expressions and he’s as cute as a bug’s ear!

Rob bursts... ‘A FRESH FACE’

He doesn’t have spikes, he isn’t blue and he’s probably never even seen a fox, let alone befriended one. Linus Spacehead is a new breed of hero, and unlike a lot, he’s got brains and isn’t from our world.

Unfortunately, on his first visit to Earth, he forgot to take holiday snaps or bring back souvenirs. The only way he can escape the embarrassment of looking like a liar is to go back and brush up his photography skills.

I think it’s great to have Linus’s fresh face on the MS and his game looks and plays cool. Cosmic Spacehead certainly isn’t a run-of-the-mill platformer or yawnsome shoot -’em-up that leaves you, well... yawning. In this game you interact and have a jolly good time as you guide the little fellow from planet to planet.

The graphics are reminiscent of wacky 1950s’ cartoons, full of colour and originality. The sound FX and music aren’t impressive but that’s no bother when your engrossed in this great game.

ROB 86%

Nick whispers... ‘RA! RA! COSMIC!’

Cosmic Spacehead is kickin’! I expected just another platform game, completed in only a few minutes, but I was wrong — very wrong. Codemasters have used a control method unique (I think) to the console world. It’s been seen in computer games, many moons ago, but the ‘point and click’ method of playing is like a breath of fresh air to the MS.

You can point at anything onscreen, a command or one of the objects you’ve collected. By making sentences or showing Linus where to move, you can explore and solve problems. This isn’t half as bad as it sounds!

All the characters look cool and backgrounds are done in 1950s’ ‘futuristic’ style. There are lots of adventure levels, interlinked with platform sections where bits and pieces are collected for extra lives.

Once the platform game sections have been completed, you don’t have to play them again — so that’s a relief!

There’s a lot of humour, too, with sarcastic replies to some commands and silly sequences. Cosmic Spacehead’s the sort of game you’ll complete then not come back to for a while — but it’s great fun working through the adventure first time around!

NICK 86%

MF Rating



Another great Codemasters adventure game with fun, frolics and a wacky new character!

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