Codemasters go back to the future, as they present an old-fashioned view of space age technology and alien worlds. A unique mixture of game styles are about to change an innocent spaceman forever...

Oh dear, things look grim for Cosmic Spacehead, the new Sega Game Gear character to stand up there with Sonic the Hedgehog, Mickey, Taz, Tails and the others.

After a pleasant visit to an odd new world called Earth, he arrived back at his home planet of Linoleum, excited and anxious to inform fellow space beings of his wondrous discovery, when he realised he hadn’t brought back any proof.

Poor old Cosmic will look a right idiot if he gives his report empty-handed, and what’s worse, there won’t be a hero’s welcome. The only thing he can do is return to Earth and take delightful photos of the uncharted planet. The main problem for our little hero is that he only has one Linodollar and no means of transport.

Space crazy!

It’s your job to guide Spacehead through three main stops on his way to Earth — Linoleum, Detroitica and the Space Station — each split into a series of smaller levels. Guide Cosmic through these stages while interacting with characters and using objects that help his task.

The hero’s controlled using a ‘point and click’ method, where an arrow moves Cosmic and selects commands (such as Move, Look, Examine, Give and Use) and objects to form sentences.

Each location has tasks which must be completed before you can continue. On the planet Linoleum, for example, Spacehead needs money, a passport and transportation. Later, he has to stop rogue robots causing a bit of a rumpus at a Detroitica factory, while in the Space Station he must top up a space craft’s tank — but doesn’t have the right currency to buy fuel.

There are all kinds of sub-games to complete along the way, including an excellent racing simulation to win a special prize. Cosmic!

ROB 84%

It’s about time a new hero appeared on the Sega. The sight of a blue flash onscreen was — although enjoyable at first — getting a bit annoying. The recent addition is a perky little character by the name of Cosmic Spacehead.

For a change it’s not a case of cool hero in a bland platformer that takes you a day to complete. Cosmic Spacehead’s an originally laid-out arcade adventure — another winner from Codemasters.

Using the ‘point and click’ controls is strange at first; it takes practice to get used to the layout and numerous commands but it’s time well spent. Graphically it’s wonderful, bursting with colour and good animation. The sound FX and music are bubbly and, most important, don’t irritate the ears.

It’s great to play a game with a new character, originality and enough depth to take your mind off the blue spiky one!

NICK 86%

I’ve already raved about the Master System version of this great cart and the Game Gear version’s exactly the same! So I won’t ramble on again...

Except to say I had to suffer one of those terrible coach journeys recently. I took along a copy of Cosmic Spacehead for my Game Gear and became totally engrossed. When I looked up from the screen, I’d arrived at my destination (the Live ‘93 show in London!); the hours had slipped by.

This just goes to show what an addictive game Cosmic Spacehead is. Get it now!

MF Rating



Perfectly converted from the Master System game. All the puzzles and all the great graphics

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Sega Master Force - Issue 6

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