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All is not well with the newest hero on the Sega Game Gear, Cool Spot: his dear spotty friends have been captured by an insane villain, Wild Wicked Willy Will. He hopes to prove the spots before his eyes are real and he’s not three sandwiches short of a picnic after all.

The object of this particularly wacky outing is for Coot Spot to wander through eleven colourful levels and gather enough coolness (little spots) to free his mates.

On the way he uses his fizz-blast on creatures trying to stop our hero from reaching his goal. Spot encounters crabs, inch-worms, spiders, mice, soldiers and many other snapping, biting and shooting characters.

Squeeze ‘em hard!

To complete each level, a number of floating spots must be collected to free the trapped living spot at the end. Time bonuses give extra seconds to carry out the mission, potions top up Cool Spot’s energy bar and Virgin icons give continues.

Game Gear Cool Spot combines original, fun graphics with equally original gameplay. Levels are set in a wide range of settings. There’s the hot beach, which resembles something from Baywatch, the dangers of a pier, house, toy shop...

Collect 20 more than the required number of spots and you enter a bonus level, which involves jumping from balloon to balloon and collecting lots of lovely bonus points.

ROB 88%

Spots, spots, spots! All I can see is spots before my eyes! The reason? I’ve been playing the new Game Gear epic, Cool Spot. Unlike other platformers on the GG, it keeps you glued to the tiny screen for ages.

This is mainly because of the star of the show, a big red spot with trainers and sunglasses who wanders through a succession of cool but tricky stages to save his spotty friends. Guide the pimple dude around the hazards, picking up spots and bonuses to keep him at peak coolness.

Cool Spot’s perfect for the GG. The main sprite’s easy to control and each level’s challenging enough to keep you playing. The graphics are great; painstaking detail has been added to Cool Spot and the many backgrounds. The music and sound FX are a bit lame but won’t spoil your enjoyment.

If ever there was a game to show off the GG, Cool Spot’s the one — its original, enjoyable to play and great to look at

NICK 92%

He’s a great little chap, this Cool Spot. He’s the star of a brand new platform game and is set to rock the world with his cheeky antics and addictive gameplay. The Game Gear version looks just like the Master System game — highly colourful levels packed with wild, wacky characters and fantastic animation on the main man.

Unlike many platform games I could mention, Cool Spot’s quite a challenge for experienced gamesplayers. In most games, you can just rush through each level, defeat the bosses and be watching the end sequence before you know it. You have to be a lot more careful where you put Cool Spot’s size one sneakers, as there are all kinds of creatures out to get him and lots of water hazards to avoid — spots can’t swim, you know!

All this plus fizzy bonus games and tricky level layouts make a fantastic game you’ll be proud to have in your cart collection.

MF Rating



A fantastic platform game with some of the coolest visuals ever to hit the Game Gear.

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Sega Master Force - Issue 6

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