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Cloud Master is a game based on the TV programme, Monkey, like SonSon II, reviewed on the PC Engine in TGM021. The latter was a Super Wonder Boy-style scrolling jump-and-bash game while Cloud Master is yer average horizontal shoot-'em-up.

Needless to say you control Monkey himself, the orange-faced leader of some badly-dubbed adventurers, and you're 'aboard' your camp little cloud. The clouds steered around the sky above a scrolling landscape and various bad guys attack, but Monkey can fight back with Monkey magic. His power can be increased by collecting icons.

This is one of the grottiest looking Sega games we've ever seen. Backgrounds use criminally few colours, level one just white, black and grey plus one or two bright colours on the crude ground features. Sprites are as badly designed, all childish in appearance except, strangely, flying bowls of rice! (Or is it breakfast cereal?) Scrolling is okay but tediously slow. If you've some money to spend on a Sega game use it on Alex Kidd: High-Tech World or Tennis Ace.


Machine rating 20%

The Games Machine magazine

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