Oh dear, poor old Chuck has been kidnapped. It looks like he’ll have to take a back seat this time and make way for his dynamic son in Tengen’s latest release.

After conquering the awful Gary Gritter at the end of the first game, Chuck Rock became a local hero and soon married the love of his life, Ophelia. The happy Neanderthal used his little brain and mighty brawn to build a revolutionary new machine, ‘The Rocket’. Impressed with his inventive talents, the banks showered Chuck with cash which he used to set up his own car company. Fjord Motors.

The good fortune didn’t stop there. One day Chuck woke to see the tail-end of a stork disappearing over the horizon — and there on his doorstep was a bouncing baby boy!

Chuck Jr is the spitting image of his dad, except he wears a big droopy nappy. Like his father, he doesn’t talk much but is rather handy with a club.

Chuck had his life sorted. With a pretty wife, a baby boy and a successful business, he hadn’t a care in the world.

But disaster struck one day when Chuck received a visit from two hoods working for Brick Jagger, the owner of rival company Datstone Car Company. The two heavies kidnapped Chuck and are holding him to ransom. If Ophelia doesn’t sign over the car factory to Brick, she’ll never see her husband again. But have no fear because the son of Chuck is a fast developer and has taken it upon himself to rescue his pop and save the day.

Team efforts

Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck is from the same team who brought you the original game, Core Design, and has six stages jam-packed with platform action. There are three skill levels; the Easy setting can be completed without too much sweat but Hard’s a different story, challenging even the toughest of game freaks.

Chuck Jr struts around proudly in an oversized nappy, dragging a giant club which he uses to bash dinosaurs, smash blocks and find hidden treasures.

As in the first game, scenery can be used to your advantage. You can bounce off logs or bash rocks into place then use them as stepping stones. You even get a helping hand from an orangutan, who throws you to a higher level when you step onto his hairy hands.

You start with three lives but more can be collected on the way — if you can find nem. Collect sweets for bonus points and grab milk bottles to top up your energy.

If you’re in the mood for a primitive but entertaining game, Chuck Rock II should be right up your street. It had better be, for Chuck’s sake!

Tim grunts... ‘NICE NAPPY’

Holy Neanderthal! Chuck’s returned to grace our screens with the follow up to one of the best platformers in the world. The trouble is, Chuck is nowhere to be found. The silly blighter has managed to get himself kidnapped! Happily, the lack of Chuck didn’t spoil my enjoyment — Son of Chuck’s just as good as it’s predecessor, if not better.

The visuals are bright, colourful and clear. Chuck Jr’s incredibly cute as he waddles around in his big saggy nappy, and backdrops are crammed with detail, including beady little eyes that peep at you from behind bushes. Sound is pretty good, although the main tune drives you mad if you play long enough.

Gameplay is challenging and addictive. I managed to complete it on the Easy setting but the harder mode had me pulling my hair out My only gripe is the fact you can’t chuck a rock — you can bash it with your club but can’t pick it up. A bit silly, considering the game’s title.

But overall, compulsive gameplay and innovative visuals make Son of Chuck a great sequel.

TIM 90%


I really loved the first Chuck Rock game; it had brilliant graphics, packed with colour and animation. I only played it on the Mega Drive but I hear the Master System version was just as good. This sequel uses the same mould but remixes the levels and adds new contraptions for Chuck Rock’s little baby to leap about and bash with his big club.

This guy’s a bit young to go clubbing but he does a good job of it, with various moves up his nappy. He has a basic dubbing manoeuvre to knock off dinosaurs and flies or can leap into the air and come crashing down on whatever’s below.

Enemies come in all shapes and sizes and are packed with character. They pull different expressions when bonked on the head, which really adds to the appeal of the game.

Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck is a fantastic platform game. The levels are challenging and the bosses have some of the best graphics and unique attack patterns I’ve ever seen on the Master System. Brilliant stuff — well done, Core!

NICK 92%

MF Rating



Visually stunning platform game, packed with great gameplay. A must

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Sega Master Force - Issue 4

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