We’ve heard of bouncing babies but this is ridiculous! He’s just like his dad but twice as mad...

Chuck Rock’s been busy since his last adventure: he’s married his childhood sweetheart, built up his own car business and even had a bouncing baby boy! Life was rosy until he was kidnapped by the evil Brick Jagger, the owner of a rival car company and a real nasty piece of work.

Who on earth can save Chuck from this evildoer? Who else but baby Chuck, sporting a soggy nappy and armed with a huge club!

This little nipper can really look after himself in the big wide world. If any unsuspecting dinosaur or caveman comes near, he bashes them on the bonce and takes a suck from his milk bottle at the same time!

Here comes the son

Chuck Rock II’s platform-based levels are full of strange contraptions which baby Chuck can use to get around. Trampolines bounce the babe high into the air, vines swing to and fro and carry him to higher platforms, and certain dinos and blokes act as lifts and springboards when bashed on the head.

In great platform game tradition, there are end-of-level guardians to defeat on the way to Brick Jagger’s car factory. Giant dinosaurs and an octopus are only two of the tough nasties who have to be sorted out. They have set attack patterns and a bash in the right place soon puts them out of their misery.

With three lives to play with and piles of bonuses — including sweets (for points), milk bottles (energy) and 1-Ups — there’s plenty to see and do in Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck. Get bashing!

NICK 90%

Pay attention, platform game freaks, because this is one cool piece of kit. Game Gear Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck is slightly different to the Master System version but it’s still packed with superb visuals and groovy levels to play through.

Baby Chuck is a little more attractive than his dad and instead of bouncing his belly at passing dinosaurs, he has a giant club to whack them with. Some dinos leave behind bonus sweets and icons; more goodies can be found in secret corners and behind bashable walls.

What makes this game extra cool are the expressions on the dinos’ faces when you bash them. They each have their own character and you end up seeking out those with particularly hilarious bashed expressions!

End-of-level baddies are particularly good. The giant dinosaurs have extendible necks which reach down to bite baby Chuck and a nasty octopus fires darts.

If you’re after a great platform game, look no further than Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck. It’s bashingly brilliant!

ROB 74%

Unga bunga — and all that other Neanderthal language! Chuck Rock, that pot-bellied man from millions of years ago, has fathered a baby who stars in an adventure full of prehistorical goings-on and fossilised fugitives. Even though little Chuck’s still in nappies, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

I was never a fan of the first game, though many considered it a classic. This second outing for the Rock family left me feeling about the same: although gameplay’s quite good, there wasn’t enough appeal to keep me playing for long.

Graphically, Chuck Rock II’s very colourful and there’s lots of detail in the sprites and backgrounds — it’s far from drab. Soundwise, there’s an average bubbly tune to help you on your way. But the gameplay hasn’t got that old magic to stop this cart from being just another GG platform game.

MF Rating



A great platform game with bags of great graphics and sound effects

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