It’s unga bunga time again! PAUL MELLERICK breathes in and let out a humungous belly-butt (phewee!!).

Did you see last month’s MD Chuck Rock (93% Force)? Well Virgin aren’t just a Mega Drive software company, they bring out their titles on the MS, too — and in this case if s been well worth the effort.

To refresh your memory (or if you didn’t read the earlier review), poor old Chuck’s had his girlfriend kidnapped by his all-time arch rival, Gary Gritter (yes I know, stop moaning at the back). Our Chuck (‘Ello, Cilla ‘ere!’), (who let that hat in?-ed),launches a rescue attempt — true love, you see.

But poor Chuck doesn’t know what’s in store for him. Five levels of deadly dinosaurs out for supper — and Chuck’s at the top of the menu.

Rock lob-ster

Although just a lowly Neanderthal man, Chuck’s well equipped. Using button [1] to attack and [2] to jump, Chuck performs an amazing flying kick — awesome that someone so fat can jump so high!

Rather than just kick the hell out of a snapper-saurus, Chuck can use the scenery to combat dinos. Pick up the rocks lying about and chuck them. Chuck Rock, you see (ha, I know, it’s hysterical isn’t it... NOT!)

But there’s more to it than just throwing the rocks. Dropping them in the right places gives access to higher platforms and bridges big gaps, such as the river on the first level.

But the real humdinger’s the patented belly-butt! Press button [2] when on the ground and Chuck takes a good suck of air and lets that belly go! Ouch!

Each of the five levels has three stages with an end-of-level baddy for each. Great fun they are too, ranging from a battered triceratops (complete with plasters from his last battle!) to a pant-wetting giant walrus.

Chuck has great foreground detail, the landscapes vary in each level and create the right feel, but the background’s plain black. A bit of colour wouldn’t have gone amiss.

Animation’s very good too. Chuck pulls a great face when hit, identical to the MD, although the sprite’s slightly thinner.

Sound is sparse, very little in the way of effects, and though there’s a good soundtrack it only plays on the intro screen.

But the game shines through in the playability stakes. Although not as fast as the MD version (or MS Sonic), after a few plays Chuck becomes more intriguing. When you make a mistake you same thing next time, so you get further and further each time you play.

Right, left, right...

The levels are fun to complete and the array of dinosaurs is amusing, each type of attacking dino sporting a different animation sequence.

The puzzle element of finding which rock goes where draws you into the game and the facI you have to go up and down and sometimes head left instead of right is another plus over the usual platform romp. With no continues Chuck Rock’s going to take some time to beat and younger players may find it too hard. But you’d be hard pressed to find a funnier, more challenging and original platform game.

Unga bunga’s what I say. Get it now or forever be a sad Sonic fan!


I can see why Paul relates to this guy: both have a big gut, stupid grin and daft haircut! Chuck’s great fun, a prehistoric platform romp for even the most die-hard caveman. It may not be as addictive as Taz (yet another plug!) but it’s a hoot. There are loads of levels to crack, each one tougher than the last. The controls are a tad fiddly to start with but you’ll soon get the hang of ‘em. Another Instant classic!


Out now

SF Rating

55% - No options, no continues
87% - Detailed scenery but plain backdrops
66% - Decent title tune but very little else
92% - Easy to play, hard to master
93% - You won’t finish this in one sitting!


Probably the greatest platform game for the MS.

Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 08

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