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Reviews: Chuck Rock (チャックロック) - review by Sega Force magazine

In the beginning, there was SEGA FORCE. Well, not exactly! As Mr Ben and that shopkeeper will tell ya, big chuffin’ dinosaurs and cuddly cavepeople roamed the Earth! What did they read before munching their early morning turf toasties? This Chuck Rock review, of course!

He may have the IQ of a chrysalis but good old Chuck’s already a hit on both Master System and Mega Drive. Now handheld freaks get the chance to take part in a spot of prehistoric boulder-bashing and belly-butting!

Chuck’s girlfriend, Opheila, has been taken hostage by arch-rival Gary Gritter. To get her back, Mr Rock must race through five pterodactyl-tickling levels, chucking rocks at the Stone Age creatures which get in his way.

Chuck’s rock-slinging ability serves him well. He moves chunks around the screen, placing ‘em in the right position to access higher platforms.

Several critters attack from above. Chuck either puts a rock on his head to protect himself, belly-butts ‘em out of the sky or performs a huge flying kick.

En route, there are loads of goodies to munch and lives to grab. Keep Chuck’s belly bulging, or lose one of those precious lives. Let’s rock ‘n’ roll, kids!


I can understand why the rest of the SEGA FORCE crew fell in love with this guy. They’ve all got the same mentality! There are some classy GG releases around at the moment and Chuck Rock’s one of the best. The Game Gear version’s just as playable as the MS and MD game. Graphics and animation are all superb. Soundwise, there are a few decent FX and a main title tune.

You won’t have any probs controlling Chuck. The way he moves has been implemented really well. If Chuck carries a large boulder, he doesn’t jump very high or walk all that fast. Logical, huh?!

The puzzle elements quite taxing. It takes a few plays before you realise which boulder goes where and how best to kill each dinosaur. Chuck Rockvv’s fairly challenging but a password system makes life a touch easier. If you’re after a quality Game Gear product, you can’t go wrong with Chuck Rock''. Virgin have hit it on the nose yet again! Unga bunga! Ouch!

ADE 89%

Chris confirms... ‘SMARTER THAN THE MS!’

I remember we were all mightily impressed by the Mega Drive version when It hit way back when. I also recall I wasn’t overly chuffed with the MS version. Sure, it hadn’t lost any of the gameplay, but all that black space hanging around In the background was a touch unnecessary — now I know why!

Stuck onto the small GG screen, that black space becomes an ideal backdrop, without detracting from the game at all. Basically Identical to the MS version, GG Chuck Rock looks good, sounds good and keeps ya coming back for more.

Clean sprite movement and smooth animation make Chuck Rock a whole lot smarter on the GG than the MS.

If you like a platform romp with that little bit extra, this one’s a must! If not, It’s great fun and well worth having on your shelf anyway.


SF Rating

58% - Not many options, choice to resume game or restart level, password system
88% - Good, clear sprites. Nice animation and humorous effects. Plain backdrops
67% - Nice ‘n’ funky Intro theme tune, plenty of prehistoric spot FX. Loads of ‘raspberry’ noises!
93% - As easy to get into as Sonic. Not as fast but the puzzle element’s great
89% - It’s pretty difficult. Platform fans may soon master it, though


One of the best platform games on GG. Take a break from shoot-’em-ups!

Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 12

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