You know what they say, no one lives forever — except Jimmy Stewart, George Burns and this spooky geezer, that is.

Chakan, the forever man, lives — and probably wishes he didn’t! He’s been damned to a life of horrendous pain and suffering because he beat Death in a fight. What a bad loser! Chakan will suffer until he cleanses the netherworld of supernatural evil.

Guide Chakan through six elemental portals on the navigation level. Each leads to a supernatural world representing one of the ancient elements, earth, air, fire and water. Some require skilful use of Chakan’s jumping abilities, others are straightforward whack-the-crap-out-of-’em levels.

Various weapons and potions are scattered over the netherworld. Chakan was an alchemist when he was mortal and can create splendid concoctions. Lightning swords and double-damage potions are just some of the wonders in store.

Chakan can somersault to a great height, enabling him to climb steep slopes and jump out of harm’s way. He’s got a mean ‘sault attack, too, blades jutting out as he spins. Flying enemies beware, this guy’s got nothing to lose!


Blow me down with a feather, you need to be a clever Trevor (or complete spanner) to complete this. I’m bald from pulling out my halr! Seriously though, this cart’s mind-blowingly difficult. The Grim Reaper’s bad guys seem almost invincible, while Chakan’s immobilised by the smallest of blows; what a wimpl

Why have Sega made it so hard? Don’t get me wrong, I like a game with a challenge, but this is Mission Impossible. Having said that, graphics are damn fine, the best I’ve seen in many a year, and the sound’s exceedingly good.

This should’ve been a great game but the difficulty factor makes it more frustrating than enjoyable. If you’re a member of the thick-rimmed National Health glasses brigade, Chakan could well be for you. Slow simpletons, stay away.

MAT 72%

Paul exclaims... ‘TOO HARD’

I’ve played some difficult games in my time but this is ridiculous! Chakan is one seriously cool game spoiled by impossibly hard gameplay. Chakan seems to get hit at every opportunity, while baddies are expert at avoiding his double swords. And don’t think potions and stuff are gonna help — they’re as much use as a chocolate teapot!

Chakan shows off the Game Gear’s capabilities. Speech and effects are excellent and the graphics are some of the best to grace the handheld. It’s a pity the gameplay makes you want to throw your GG through the wall after ten minutes!

Some would argue the high difficulty makes for a good challenge, but you have to be a platform expert to make any progress. If you don’t mind a tough game, give it a try. I found it too frustrating to be anywhere near playable.

PAUL 65%

SF Rating

70 - Nice morbid opening titles. Three difficulty settings
87 - Some of the best GG graphics yet. Crisp, clear and beautifully animated
83 - Great sound and good speech. The tunes are the same as the MD original
59 - The controls aren’t hard to master but gameplay is. Very difficult to do well
65 - Presents a challenge — if you get farther than the first portal!


Could’ve been brilliant but the difficulty level’s very unfriendly. Try before you buy!

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