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Well, here we have it - the Mega Drive's super-cute, sizzling platform adventure has made it to the wee screen. Yet again, the long-suffering Minnie has been kidnapped by the evil Mizrabel, and it's up to Mickey to make his way through the perilous portals of her pad, the Castle of Illusion (quite what's wrong with a nice, simple name like 'Dunroamin'', we don't know, but that's these witch-types for you).

The first thing that strikes you about this scaled-down version is the graphics - rich, lush, full of detail and probably the nicest seen on the Game Gear so far. The opening sequence is especially breath-taking in all its incy-wincy glory, and the standard is kept up throughout. But once you start playing, the awe gives way to other feelings, such as migraine and blurred vision. Although this new version seems a little easier than its big brother, gameplay hasn't lost too much in transition. Lots of the cute, little animation details that made the original such a joy have been retained (and Sega obviously hopes that you'll be sufficiently captivated to ignore the fact that your optic nerve is combusting).

Shrinking Castle Of Illusion down to Game Gear size was an ambitious task, and the result is firmly on the right side of the success mark. A sound buy!

Zero magazine

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