One Mega cartridge: £24.95

BASED on an obscure Data East coin-op. Captain Silver is set on the high seas, when pirates ruled the waves and the currency was pieces of eight.

As a lowly seaman, with a nifty line in swordplay, you're on the hunt for treasure - the long lost hoard of Captain Silver to be precise'

From the humble beginnings of Bassend Town, you set off with sword in hand to find the loot. The town is a busy place and with prowling bears and killer cats to avoid there's no shortage of sword practice to indulge in. When killed, creatures leave letters behind, collecting them to make the words CAPTAIN SILVER awards you an extra life.

Fairies are also collected, enabling you to throw stars at the enemy - the more fairies collected the greater your fire power. Stopping off at shops is a good idea if you want to buy more extras to help defeat the many enemies faced.

Moving from the town to a pirate ship, you battle pirates, collecting gold and letters as you go. Captain Silver is on board, if you defeat him he melts away, vowing to return.

To the island next. Here, natives and falling coconuts are the enemy, while swimming turtles are used to cross rivers.

With the island safely behind you, the end is in sight. The final scene is set inside Treasure Mountain, with rocks to hop across, flowers to avoid and your final opponent - the ghost of Captain Silver.

Captain Silver would have bean better had it featured more levels. However, its simple gameplay, attractive screens, variety of creatures and typically-Sega extra touches make what little there is to play, quite enjoyable.


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