It's basketball like you've never seen before, a game against the weirdest collection of misfits you'll ever come across.

First you select one of three modes: computer versus computer, human versus computer or human versus human. Next you choose the play time: 15, 30 or a marathon 45 minutes.

You've got six teams to play in computer versus human mode. You start against the Wolfmen and then proceed to the Water Imps, Cyclops, Vampires, Witches and finally the Long Nose Goblins. It's wickedly funny to watch but when you get to play, the joke's generally on you because your opponents are such skilful players.

Each basketball game is played away - that is, at your opponents' home ground - so you get to see some very pretty sights indeed.

Apart from your varying wacky opponents and their great prowess at netting the ball using some fancy jumps, Basketball Nightmare plays like any ordinary game of basketball. The standard travelling, obstruction and three-second rules all apply.

The graphics are all well designed and move reasonably well, though when 10 players get into a small area of screen, things start to flicker noticeably. But that said, this is one sports simulation you're going to have to get - it's just so damn addictive and the graphics are stunning. Be prepared for a long battle though; the computer teams are swines to beat.

Zero magazine

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