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Reviews: (The Simpsons) Bart vs. The Space Mutants - review by Sega Force magazine

Skateboards, Bermuda shorts, X-ray specs and a chirpy little voice. All things MAT YEO has in common with a certain yellow troublemaker.

Things are looking bad for Springfield. Space Mutants have arrived and are building a weapon to destroy the Earth. Worst of all, the only person who can stop these fearsome alien invaders is... Bartholomew J Simpson (that’s Bart, to you and me).

The action takes place over five treacherous levels. You have to guide Bart past various hazards and complete tasks within a certain time. Level 1 sees our infamous hero on the Springfield streets. His job is to spray or cover up all the purple objects. Apparently, the aliens need purple objects for their world-conquering weapon. Weird!

Dodge the Space Mutants and don’t forget to make that cheeky call to Moe’s Tavern!

Level 2 takes Bart to Springfield Mall where he has to collect hats by knocking them off people’s heads. There are near-impossible jumps to perform and loads of Mutants in disguise.

The local fair is the third scene. Balloons have to be collected but watch out for the clowns! There are also fairground games to play for extra coins.

The Museum is on Level 4 and this is one tricky section to complete! Bart has to collect all the exit signs or sioot them with his dart gun.

The final level’s set at the nuclear power plant. Find the radioactve rods and return them to the reactor. Keep an eye on the time, though, ‘cos it disappears pretty fast!

This version of Bart finally proves the MS is more than just the MD’s kid brother. It’s a lot easier to play and doesn’t require such accurate use of controls.

Visually the two are identical. The screens are decked out in a wash of sickly cartoon colours and Bart’s instantly recognisable. The in-game tune and sound FX have been simplified for the MS but that doesn’t let the game down.

This is a real sizzler of a game that’ll make you have a cow, man!


There are some cracking MS releases around at the moment — Bart Vs The Space Mutants Is one of ‘em. Compared to the Mega Drive game, the Master System romp’s instantly more playable. Certain areas, the Mall and Museum, for example, are easier to get through but more fun to play. The graphics rate as some of the best I’ve seen. Someone’s really gone to town with a paintbrush — there’s loadsa colour and some smashing backdrops. Bart’s a challenging game, and when you finally complete it, you’ll want to play again. And again and again...

ADE 91%

Flying Edge
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SF Rating

76% - Great opening sequence, no continues for a tough, enjoyable challenge
88% - Cartoon-style graphics and some great static pics
89% - Hummable tune, good in-game FX and some sampled speech
92% - Controls are easy to pick up; Bart handles well
90% - Five challenging levels of Simpsons fun that take practice to complete


A blaster of a game and a great MS conversion!

Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 09

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