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Reviews: Aztec Adventure (-The Golden Road to Paradise-) / Nazca '88 (ナスカ’88 -The Golden Road to Paradise-) - review by The Games Machine magazine


Arcade adventures, with the emphasis on maze exploration, are not an obvious choice of format for a console, the Pac-Man style of Fantasy Zone being the only attempt on the Sega. The multicharacter control of Aztec Adventure sets out to put the deficit to rights.

Initial expectations are high. Attractive title and game introductory screens lead into the game itserf. All dashed, though, by the appearance of a crude maze style not helped by the gameplay.

The Aztec Paradise of legend lies somewhere in the depths of the South American jungles. To date, monsters and spirits of the surrounding labyrinth have claimed all those who have tried to find it. But you, Nino, are the bravest and most intelligent explorer of them all, and are more than willing to take on the challenge.

You begin in a forest, the first of 11 rounds. Areas of vegetation make up maze walls. Most of the the varied inhabitants are hostile, but three will help if you pay them. Papi the duck, Pupe the cat and Poh the dog can all be hired, and follow, mimicking your movements. Their greatest use is as defendants, swinging their swords as you wield your mighty blade.

Objects and weapons are gained when different enemies are killed. The faithful animals are paid for by money bags left behind when you kill a stalk-eyed frog.

Dodging or despatching enemies is needed as energy is lost on contact. Each round has a specific enemy, dependent on the scenery surrounding you, and a set number of these have to be destroyed with a particular weapon in order to progress to the next.

Control is awkward with a Sega keypad, movement cramped with the graphic size, and the intermittent scrolling is distracting. Add to that encounters with enemies of varying definition but constant two-frame animation and you have an Aztec Paradise best left unfound.


The Games Machine magazine

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