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Reviews: Aztec Adventure (-The Golden Road to Paradise-) / Nazca '88 (ナスカ’88 -The Golden Road to Paradise-) - review by S: The Sega Magazine


We're heading down Sarf America way now for a quick rumble in the jungle. Nino the adventurer is on the hunt for the legendary Aztec Paradise, but since it's reputed to lie at the far end of a twisting labyrinth filled with Aztec demons, no-one has ever returned to say whether it's actually there or not.

Undaunted, Nino the hard man sets off in search of paradise (and if all he finds is a flippin' Bounty bar he's gonna be well hacked off!).

The quest takes place across a scroll 'n' flick-screen landscape, which is inhabited by all manner of beasties, most of whom have suspiciously Japanese-sounding names... Odd that. Anyway, these devils would give Nino a sharp pinch on the arm as soon as look at him, and so they have to be despatched with all due haste. Nino only has to give 'em a taste of steel, and they soon give up and fade away, usually leaving behind goodies like extra weapons and money bags. Special items can also be gathered such as fireballs, walk-on-water boots, dynamite and other such useful widgets. These are then stored and selected whenever needed.

Amongst the loathsome Aztec demons there are three particularly gruesome monsters called Papi (a rabbit), Pupe (a dog) and Poh (a cat). These strange critters can be killed as normal, or recruited by chucking money bags at them. As long as enough dosh has been sent their way, they'll follow Nino around, duffing up monsters, until their life runs out and they finally pop off for good.

As Nino wends his way through the 11 areas of the maze, he must face and destroy specific creatures in each one before being allowed to exit through the Aztec gateway into the next, more dangerous area.

(Image captions)

Nino with Pupe in tow (or is it Poh? Could be Papi...).

Nino can cross the river by using the moving log raft.


If you liked Golvellius, then you'll get a few kicks from AA since it's more of the same, but simplified. Once you get into the swing of things, it's quite a jolly romp, so collecting different weapons and your buddies just adds another layer of interest to the proceedings.

One major drawback is that death sends you back to the start of each area - which can be a real bummer if you died tackling the last few demons!

However, if you prefer a lasting challenge rather than a quick blast, you'll find Aztec Adventure a worthy target of your meagre funds.


A tough little arcade adventure which should keep you thrashing around for some time!

S: The Sega Magazine

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