The year is 55 BC and the Romans are causing havoc in Gaul (aka France). The whole country’s fallen in their wake — except one small Gaulish village. Why, you ask? While the Romans were busy looting and pillaging, a crafty druid named Getafix was perfecting a magic potion to give his village invincibility.

But gasp, shock and horror, the rascally Romans have kidnapped Getafix. Surely the Gauls are doomed. But have no tear ‘cos Asterix is here, on his way to save the day with Obelix, his tubby friend.

You take the part of Asterix or Obelix in each level and battle through Europe and Africa, so slip on your toga, pick up your menhir and get ready to kick Roman ass!

BEN SAYS: ‘Asterix is brilliant. The cartoon-like graphics are great, controls are easy to handle and the soundtrack had my little feet tapping.

‘There are loads of levels, including a desert and arctic level, with a stubborn guardian to conquer at the end of each. Turning a wild boar into bacon’s one of your many tasks!

‘Each level’s different, depending on which character you choose, so it’s like having two games crammed into one! Asterix is a top-notch platform game.’


Sega Force magazine (Ben the Boffin)
Sega Force - Issue 18

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