Secret Command


Well, Secret Command it might say on the box, but once you start the game, it seems you become the Secret Commando. Well, it's definitely secret whatever it is.

In this two-player combat game, Ashura and Bishamon are the secret people who are sent on a Rambo-style guerrilla mission to infiltrate the enemy’s territory and rescue POW’s from huts and shacks along the way.

Both mercenaries are armed with machine guns and explosive-tipped arrows which are used to blow open the makeshift prisons. The detainee makes his escape and rewards the commandos with an extra ammo clip (just what a prisoner is doing with several hundred rounds of ammo is anyone's guess...).

So the two soldiers yomp their way up the screen shootin' and a-slayin', rescuing their comrades and trying their very best not to gain any new orifices along the way. This is quite tricky, though, since they (or he, if it's a solo mission) are outnumbered by about five squillion to one. Not only that, but the opposition have grenades, flame throwers, tanks and several divisions of Millwall supporters.

At the end of each stage there is a large barricade blocking the commandos' passage. Before it can be brought down, though, a set number of enemies have to be wasted (just how morally unsound is this?). Once the requisite amount of enemies have taken a crash course in underground gardening, the wall flashes, signalling that one carefully-placed arrow will blow a commando-shaped hole, and allow the slaughter to start afresh in a new location.

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Looks like they're having a flamin' good time!

Watch for Charlie under the tree!


Anyone who's played Commando or Ikari Warriors will immediately feel comfortable with this tromp around 'n' shoot 'em up. The two-player action makes it an instant hit, since there aren't that many simultaneous two-human games available for the ol' black box.

There are loads of nice touches along the way, like having to walk around rocks and trees, just being able to see your commando as he moves beneath tree cover, and seeing him sink up to his waist in swamps!

The scenery is very nicely detailed and all the characters are well animated - especially the players' men and the flame throwing enemy. Well 'ard!

There's a suitably heroic tune thumping away in the background while the usual run of explosion and gun effects beef up the heat!

With lots to do, plenty to kill and collect Secret Command (or Commando) is a mean cart which you should check out pronto.


Screamin' two-player combat action with some heavy firepower!

S: The Sega Magazine

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