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Have you heard of Reggie Jackson? No? Then Sega UK chose correctly to remove all traces of the man who endorsed this game in the US.

There are 26 teams in memory and they can be chosen to set up one-player, two-player or demo games. When a human takes part he can select whether fielders move automatically or are under his control and who pitches.

In a match, the pitcher can select his favourite throw, or use a curve shot. The pitcher can be substituted if desired. The batter can move left and right on his square and adjust his swing height.

The Baseball boasts some quality speech (for an 8-bit machine) and lots of it; the lively shouts of 'Strike!', 'Play ball!' and 'Safe!' all help generate an atmosphere (and there's more speech besides). The pitcher and batter are detailed and realistically drawn, with animation to match, but fielders are indistinct (it's easy to confuse the two teams) and the crowd is just a mass of flashing colours.

It's competent but a selection of teams doesn't help vary the fairly simple action, which becomes repetitive quickly in a one-player game. Very nice to both look at and listen to, but perhaps too expensive considering the limitations of computerised/consolised sport.


Machine rating 72%

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