In this curious shoot-'em-up, invading aliens disguise themselves as trees, post boxes, bins and the like! But with a little encouragement, they show their true forms and attack as jelly blobs, snakes, etc. Your job's to blast at many of these mutated things as possible while remaining intact yourself.

You have the choice of two mean and moody characters, Gordon (!) and the robotic Slammer, young mercenaries equipped with a flame-thrower and electric whip (respectively) to singe mutated buttocks.

Each has a powerful special weapon to slaughter unsuspecting visitors. Gordon unleashes missiles while Slammer can blow himself up (don't worry, he's immune and doesn’t lose a life). You need these weapons and wits about you to stand up to the constant jelly attack.

Alternate levels switch from isometric JD scrolling levels to shooting gallery-style scenes, similar to T2: The Arcade Game. Guide a gunsight over targets as they appear, or they disappear before you can shoot them.

Graphically, Alien Storm's pretty average. Sprites are clearly defined and colourful, but overall it's on the bland side. The sound effects are good but the main tune lacks power.

When we first reviewed Alien Storm (SEGA FORCE 2, February ’92), there was much debate over the characters — the original had three and any combination could play at once. Many of you won't have played the coin-op so won't feel you've lost anything, but arcade addicts will be disappointed. Nevertheless. Alien Storm's an enjoyable, polished game.

Sega Master Force magazine
Sega Master Force - Issue 3

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