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Reviews: Alien³ - review by Sega Master Force magazine

You don't have to be a fan of the Alien films to get into this shoot-'em-up epic but those familiar with the terrifying toothy creatures can imagine the terror in store. You play the part of the long-suffering heroine of the movie series, Ripley, who's crash-landed on a prison planet.

Several prisoners on each Alien-infested level have been captured and are soon to be implanted with eggs to produce even more of the vile race. Ripley travels through each level, killing Aliens and seeking out hostages.

To help her, she carries an Allen-detecting radar unit to give plenty of advance warning of attack. Ripley has a good selection of weaponry, including a pulse rifle, flame-thrower and grenades, which are each particularly affective at certain points, but all are limited in quantity.

To add to the tricky mazes and constant bombardment from alien lifeforms, Ripley must complete her mission within a time limit. If time runs out before she rescues all the hostages, Alien foetuses burst from the stomachs of undiscovered prisoners.

Alien 3's graphics are colourful and detailed, especially the Aliens as they creep through the maze-like levels. Presentation's good and the challenge's just right. The sound isn't spectacular nut, naturally, this doesn't affect the tense, exciting gameplay.

Sega Master Force magazine
Sega Master Force - Issue 3

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