Sega/£29.99/Sega Master System

Little Alex O Sahl, the lad with pointy ears and a funny walk, lived a serene life as the Prince of Aries until one day he decided to check out how his bit of stuff was doing in Shinobi World. Not very well, it seems, because the dark ninja kidnapped her and has kept her bare foot etc. doing his devious deeds.

Naturally Alex puffed up his pointy ears and decided to do something about it. After all, it was Alex who normally had her bare foot etc.

Your aim is to beat, kick, and shoot anything that comes your way as you search for Yoko. You begin with a short sword, but can pick up better weapons along the way. Alex has a couple of very wacky moves up his kimono (oo-er). When hanging from a street lamp, iron bar or other object, Alex can turn into a fire ball and destroy anything in his path. Also, it seems that Alex has been taking lessons from Spiderman - he can bound up vertical walls!

The scrolling is smooth and, as you don't get too many of the dark ninja's minions attacking you at once, the sprites are well animated. Shinobi is not merely a hack and slay affair, but a puzzling game too.

Fans of the Kidd will love it.

Zero magazine

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