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The Crown Prince of Radactian, Alex Kidd, is obviously the sort of dude who'd like to read TGM. The High-Tech World of the title is in fact the name of his home world's latest and best video arcade and Alex is intent on getting there today, before it closes at 5pm.

His coin-op hunting mission is divided into three parts, parts one and three (the castle and the village) taking the form of flick-screen arcade adventures. Objects are used and people met in the castle to gain pieces of map and in the village to get The travel pass necessary to reach the arcade.

Alex Kidd isn't going to break any boundaries, not for the Sega and certainly not for the games industry, but it's pleasant and playable arcade adventure that's easy to get into. The text conversations that occur between characters as they meet are a good touch and add some sense of story and involvement to the game, although it would've been a lot better if you could select Alex's speech from a list of three or four phrases rather than him say the same old pre-programmed things.

There's nothing special about the arcadey forest section but it's action is a welcome distraction to separate the arcade adventures. Overall, Alex Kidd: High Tech World's gameplay makes a change from most console products so is worthy of Sega owners' attention.


Machine rating 76%

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