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Once upon a time there was a game called Freedom Fighter. The game was deemed unfit for UK gameplayers' consumption. The reason: the naff name. And, lo, Aerial Assault was born. Education, history... that's all you get here.

NAC are a vicious warring nation with a huge laser capable of wasting Earth's ozone layer and casting slightly more than a shadow of fear on Earth. In the year 1999 (Yikes! That's not far off. £d.) NAC turn nasty and decide to nuke the nations of the World. Somehow out of the ashes you arise in a gleaming, golden craft with guns blazing.

So what's your task? Shoot whatever wonders into your path. But then you didn't expect anything less, did you?

Aerial Assault is similar to P-47. You hold the fire button down and move in any direction. Wave after wove of enemy planes, helicopters and boats trundle along making easy cannon fodder. Hitting a certain type of craft will result in a bonus bag. At the end of each level you get to meet the MC (Mega Charlie). Lots of bullets are needed for him.

Graphics are very simplistic to start with, but as the levels progress more objects fill the screen with pretty colours. Parallax scrolling on certain levels adds the illusion of depth. Particularly impressive are the bolts of lightning that explode front a thunderous sky.

You won't need a brain cell for Aerial Assault. In fact, you could probably get away with sellotaping the fire bntton down and putting the auto-pilot on. But then that's its attraction.

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