Cobwebs, dust and creepy-crawlies cover most of the Addams’ family home, but there’s no time for spring-cleaning — there’s a family fortune to recover and Les Dennis isn’t going to help!

If you’re familiar with the classic Sixties American comedy series, not forgetting the two recent films, you’ll welcome The Addams Family to the Game Gear with open arms. It’s full of uncharted caverns, secret rooms and treasure to find, while fending off a constant bombardment of strange nasties who inhabit these places.

The main character in this particular adventure is the suave, sophisticated Gomez, the head of the household. Poor Gomez has the unfortunate task of seeking out the hidden members of his family by wandering the huge mansion and its accompanying secret caves and rooms.

Each room represents a level; you must guide Gomez through a succession of rooms in order to rescue members of the family, who are held by end-of-level guardians.

Creepy collectables

To help Gomez on his way through the maze of rooms, collect items to keep him in tip-top condition. The most common pick-me-ups are hearts, which replenish lost energy.

Next are handy items such as boots, which enable you to move faster, swords to defend yourself with and a very fetching fez fitted with a propeller, lo help you reach normally inaccessible high areas.

Great care’s needed when in possession of such items: if Gomez makes contact with a rogue rabbit, fire-spitting plant, swinging spiky nasty or any of the other harmful creatures, the item’s lost.

The rooms/levels include underground caves, hot furnaces with fireballs and a library full of oversized books and jumping nasties. Once you’ve found the family, you have to hunt out the treasure to complete the game and save The Addams Family from extinction.

NICK 74%

The Addams Family have appeared on every home computer and console format imaginable so it’s about time they appeared on the Game Gear. Their game is a platformer (surprise, surprise) where the player controls the head of the family, Gomez.

All the visuals look wonderful on the small screen, with detailed animation and bags of colour. The platforms are just too fiddly to jump around, though. Gomez’s movements are awkward and there are many places where a single wrong move loses you a life.

That’s my only niggle with The Addams Family. If you have the patience to persevere, there are lots of cool levels and great possessed beings to bounce on in a Marioesque manner.

I don’t know whether you’re sick and tired of platform games yet, but they need to have something really special to stand out from the crowd these days; unusual level designs are the best feature here. The Addams Family’s not the easiest game to play so be warned.

ROB 88%

Hurrah! The spookiest family in America arrive on the Game Gear arid they’re as weird and wonderful as ever. The game’s set around their mansion, in which old Gomez must rescue his captured family from a fate worse than death: the loss of their family home and fortune.

The Addams Family’s a platform romp through spooky rooms and grounds outside the house. But before you cry ‘Not another platform game!’ I must tell you it’s wonderfully original, with plenty of cool graphics, fun and frolics as you make your way through the levels.

The visuals are among the best features. The main sprites are big, clear and beautifully detailed. Soundwlse, the theme tune from the Sixties’ TV programme is here in all its hummable glory.

This is the type of game you should be playing on your GG; it’s original without being too clever and has plenty of playability to keep your hands glued to the controls.

MF Rating



A good-looking platform game with some fiddly platforms, but still playable

Sega Master Force magazine
Sega Master Force - Issue 6

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