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Music: VGM Commandline Tools

Miscellaneous tools for dealing with VGM files

Last Update: 2011/05/08

A collection of commandline tools for VGM files. See descriptions for details.
The exe files are only for Windows.
The source should compile under Windows and Linux (both 32 bit only) unless noted otherwise.

ToolDownload exeDownload sourceDescription
VGM Patcher11KB14KBChange header values and/or check one or multiple VGM files.
The check includes lengths (total, loop, tag size) and offsets (EOF, loop, GD3).
Can also strip (currently chip-wise only) and optimize.
VGM Tagger6KB8KBTags one or multiple VGM files.
VGM Statistics*4KB6KBViews the lengths (samples and time) of all VGM files of a folder or playlist.
The summary and be copied-and-pasted into a pack's txt-file.

* supports wildcards, but no support for Linux

The Windows-executables exclude zlib1.dll.
Download the DLL and copy it to your system-folder or your program-folder.


VGM Utility

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