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This was a competition entry in 2018





When this year's competition was announced, I tossed around a few ideas for games I could make for the coding competition. I came up with something I wanted to do but couldn't decide whether to go through with it or not, so I decided that if I could come up with a title theme for it that I liked, I'd give it a go. So I wrote this, and... well, the game I'm working on is a bit too ambitious for me to have something presentable by the contest deadline, but I figured I could at least submit this for the music competition.

This VGM wasn't created using any existing tool. Instead, it was converted from an IT module using a program I wrote, it2snvgm. I wasn't happy with the options I could find for creating SMS VGMs; all the tracker programs were closed-source and in some cases already abandoned by their developers, and the only other option I could find was to write my tracks in MML. I didn't want my compositions to be tied to a moribund proprietary format, and I didn't want to have to spend a bunch of time manually converting my tracks to a scripting language, so I wrote my own converter (which killed any chance I had of getting the actual game done on time, but oh well).

The ZIP file for this track includes the final VGM, the original IT file it was converted from, and the GPLv3-licensed source code for a "pre-release" version of it2snvgm. Anyone who's interested in the converter is welcome to try it out, though it's rather rough around the edges and needs further work before I give it an official release.

As for the actual music, how on earth did I end up writing this? I never listen to stuff like this, and I'm not even sure what genre it is (jazz? blues?). I thought it fit with the ideas I had for the game, though, so I went with it. It's too bad it's not some flashy ten-minute technoprog odyssey that shows off all the features of the converter, but it was fun to make. Hope someone out there enjoys it.

By the way, the periodic noise part in the middle was totally unplanned. I realized after I'd finished the track that some of the notes were below the legal tone range, and I didn't want to have to transpose everything up, so I redid the drums and bass at the last minute to make it work. Seems like it came out all right.

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