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Music: The Dancing Bat

The Dancing Bat

Download Christopher Schmenk - The Dancing Bat (Quartet Remix).mp3 (5.0MB)

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This was a competition entry in 2015



Remixed by: SegaMon
Quartet / Double Target - Cynthia no Nemuri (ダブルターゲット シンシアの眠り) / Double Target (더블 타케트) - Round 4


Among the many games that I loved to play growing up was Quartet. The game presented a great challenge but did so with spot-on game play and awesome music. My favorite tune from the game is from the fourth stage. I loved it for many reasons. One of the most memorable reasons was that the bat-like enemies that seem to dance to the music as the quickly dash towards you. These bat-like enemies were difficult to evade and made the level a difficult one to complete.

In this remix, I slowed down the tempo, added numerous solos and transitions, and even incorporated the stage cleared tune for the ending. The instruments featured include electric bass, saw synth (three different types), trumpet, piano, drum-set, organ, and a few sound effects. I considered adding my clarinet to this piece but I ultimately decided that it would not fit in quite right. My biggest complaint is that the sound feels slightly empty. I wanted the sound to feel natural so I think that it has a lot to do with that.

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