What you'll need

Tagging basics

Load the VGM in VGMTool by dragging and dropping the file onto it. Any existing GD3 tag will be read and displayed on the GD3 tag tab; if the file does not have one, existing entries in this section will remain.

Enter the relevant text in the fields shown. Then click on Update GD3 to write it to the file. If all the fields are blank, a blank tag will be written, which is obviously not very useful.

Click on Clear to clear all the GD3 fields; you might want to do this when tagging two unrelated files as when you load the second, the first's tag remains. It doesn't write to the file, it just clears the GUI.

Remove GD3 is not something you'd normally do.

Tagging rules

General rules for multiple items

General rules for Game Name and Track Title

Japanese tags

Game Name

Track Title


Release Date

Track Author

File Creator


Tag standards

Check the VGM Pack Standards section for details about what you should put in the tags.

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