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Music: Nagato Yuki no Kokoro ni Aru mono

Nagato Yuki no Kokoro ni Aru mono

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This was a competition entry in 2016



Remixed by: sherpa
Nagato Yuki no Kokoro ni Aru mono (In the Heart of Yuki Nagato) by Keigo Hoashi


Hey guys. I figured i'd try participating, even minimally.

This is a bit premature, but i might as well get my feet wet.

If I don't have time to remaster the instruments or do anything original, I thought I'd submit this piece by Keigo Hoashi.

It's largely based on a transcription on Jellynote by Hao-Cheng Miles. I was working on transcribing the song over a year ago and found his score after looking for some time. After all this time, i don't remember what i contributed to the version i have locally, from april last year. I imagine a few edits here and there. I was originally intending to do something with this song and chipmusic, but was pretty busy with other similar projects.

It might be possible to improve the contrast in timbre by creating a custom instrument, but it may not be enough, and 8 bit music limits us to one such instrument. The choice of FM was partially based on the desire to at least work with something that resembles the original timbre. This is probably inferior to a midi version and it has none of the techniques unique to 8 bit chiptune music or any particular mastery in general. It is my second attempt to explore making such music. I used MML for the eventual control I hope it will give me, but i may have been able to work just as easy on a tracker, which i have become slightly more familiar with. There are advantages to each. In this case, the choice to use 8 bit FM instruments forced my hand. It's possible i might have used VGM Music Maker, but i have no idea how to recreate the sms FM instruments at this time.

This is the kind of music I tend to like and remember. If I have time I may add dynamics, timbre, and pacing. Not sure i'll be skilled enough to add any original material at this point. I'm barely a musician even without the limitations of having to translate musical ideas through unfamiliar software.

I hope someone appreciates this, and if you hear something you like, check out the original source. One of my favorite movies, anime or otherwise, unexpectedly. I'm sure the great music helped.

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