VGM package creation process

Here is a description of the process and the links to detailed help and standards for every step of the ripping and packing of VGM files.


Before beginning, you should check if a game has been already ripped, or if someone is already working on it. You should check the released packs and the music forum. If there is no package, announce in the forum that you are ripping the game.

  1. Download the ROM of the game. How to do this is up to you.
  2. Create the VGM.
  3. Tag the files and name them accordingly.
  4. Create additional files.
  5. Pack everything in the ZIP package formats.
  6. Post the pack in the music forum for discussion.
  7. Mark the package version as 1.00 in the description file and create the ZIP package with the new description file.
  8. Create package's entry in the VGMs section and upload needed files.
  9. Announce in the forum that the package is finished.
  10. Game Over.

Announcing a new package in the forums

When announcing the creation of a new package in the forums, follow these simple rules:

The post should be used to discuss everything about the package: tagging, approval problems, asking for help, trimming, ... After approval, package updates can be announced and discussed in the same topic.

Updating packages

If a package needs to be updated, first announce the update in the package's post in the Music forum. Package updating follows the same rules as creating new ones regarding to pack contents. If there's no post about the game, create a new one.

The process is the same as above, but you may choose to start from the existing files.

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