Qualifying Race The Breakfast Bends Desktop Drop-Off Oilcan Alley Sandy Straights Oatmeal in Overdrive The Cue-Ball Circuit Handyman's Curve Bermuda Bathtub Sahara Sandpit Fruit-Juice Follies Foamy Fjords Bedroom Battlefield Pitfall Pockets Pencil Plateaux The Dare-Devil Dunes Perilous Pit-Stop Wide-Awake War-Zone Crayon Canyons Soap-Lake City! Chalk-Dust Chicane Go For It! Bonus Race 1 Bonus Race 2 Bonus Race 3

Qualifying Race

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Qualifying Race, The Breakfast Bends, Desktop Drop-Off, Oilcan Alley, Sandy Straights, Oatmeal in Overdrive, The Cue-Ball Circuit, Handyman's Curve, Bermuda Bathtub, Sahara Sandpit, Fruit-Juice Follies, Foamy Fjords, Bedroom Battlefield, Pitfall Pockets, Pencil Plateaux, The Dare-Devil Dunes, Perilous Pit-Stop, Wide-Awake War-Zone, Crayon Canyons, Soap-Lake City!, Chalk-Dust Chicane, Go For It!, Bonus Race 1, Bonus Race 2, Bonus Race 3

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