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Maps: Legend of Illusion - Starring Mickey Mouse

Castle Goofstein Forest Area 1 Forest Area 2 Duckingham Palace Sunken Ruins Area 1 Sunken Ruins Area 2 Sunken Ruins Area 3 Sunken Ruins Area 4 Crystal Forest Area 1 Crystal Forest Area 2 Gardens Of Illusion Area 1 Gardens Of Illusion Area 2 Falls Of Fortune

Castle Goofstein

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Mapped by Will Mallia

Castle Goofstein, Forest Area 1, Forest Area 2, Duckingham Palace, Sunken Ruins Area 1, Sunken Ruins Area 2, Sunken Ruins Area 3, Sunken Ruins Area 4, Crystal Forest Area 1, Crystal Forest Area 2, Gardens Of Illusion Area 1, Gardens Of Illusion Area 2, Falls Of Fortune
Will Mallia

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