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The Story Unfolds

You have a complicated and dangerous mission ahead of you. First of all, you're a member of the White Knights, a peacekeeping force within the Planetary System. Your efforts are needed to obstruct the takeover planned by the Norsa Empire.

Within the Norsa's heavily protected labyrinth of rooms lies the key to your success: five floppy disks which contain their entire plan for destruction. If you can obtain these disks, you'll have the power to end their designs on domination.

You're armed with the protection of the Zillion Laser in addition to the added defense of Champ, Apple and Amy. Apple and Champ are trapped in the maze, and it's your responsibility to free them too.

Now, this is an exercise in memory and strategy, so you may want to keep a pen and pad handy. Because in order to discover the disks and reach the main computer, you'll need to travel many confusing paths. And don't be discouraged if you feel lost and unsure, your trek requires hours of playing time to succeed. Good Luck.

How To Use Controls

Before you begin playing, orient yourself with the movements and functions of each button.

Individual Functions:

Each button on your Control Pad will prompt its own series of moves.

Your Directional Button (D-Button):

Button 1:

Button 2:

Pause Button:

Button 1 or 2:

Control Pad for Player 2:

Now that you're familiar with the basics, here's the set-up for sophisticated playing.

Moving Left to Right and Up or Down:

In order to keep J.J. moving, you must manipulate the D-Button at all times. Naturally, if you cease to use it, J.J. will stop.

Making Selections and Retrieving Symbols:

You'll be faced with selection screens and computer cylinders throughout the game which you'll need to confront and operate.

Advance Elevator Up or Down:

Once you've entered the elevator, simply move the D-Button up or down to reach your desired destination.


Once inside the game, you'll see that jumping is as necessary as walking. And it's quite simple to master.

Firing Zillion:

The laser can be fired from any position you're in whether you're in mid-air or lying flat on the ground. The directions Zillion cannot be fired in are up and down.

Screen Status Report:

Within the game is a status report which will update you on various important factors. There will be more about this later in the manual.

Take Control

Before you enter the maze, the following will guide you through some game rules and requirements.

Life Power:

J.J. will begin his journey outside of the maze. Here is the Mother Ship where he'll be safe from Norsa Warriors and can be replenished. In the beginning of the game, J.J. will be awarded 700 life points. These life points will diminish every time he is hit by enemy fire. When his life force is getting low, he can return an unlimited number of times to the Mother Ship where he'll receive 700 life points and another ID Card.

Inside the Mother Ship

Entering The Maze:

Once you leave the Mother Ship, you're an open target. Run as quickly as possible to the elevator opening and take any of the paths offered.

Start screen Inside the base

Inside The Maze:

There are hundreds of happenings in this maze, which will be discussed throughout the manual, in addition to suggestions for figuring out the maze. But for now, you should learn all the technical elements before studying strategy.

Computer Cylinders:

The whole purpose of entering each room is to move on to another. The only way to move from to room is by discovering the secret door. In order to do this, you'll have to use Zillion.

Value of ZillionShooting DistanceDestroys Cylinder
1. Zillion PowerShortGray Cylinder
2. Zillion Power Zillion PowerMediumGray Cylinder White Cylinder
3. Zillion Power Zillion Power Zillion PowerLongGray Cylinder White Cylinder Cone Cylinder

Definition of Computer Cylinder Item:

Below are illustrations and explanations of what you can expect from the cylinders.

Key Symbol

Symbols 1 - 10 which have special functions besides opening doors.

ID Card

Use to gain access to computer for inputting commands. There are two cards: blue and red. Blue Cards can be used in any room, while a Red Card is the only access to the main computer.


When you take bread, your life power will increase by 40 points. ||


Will increase the level of the player with life power, jumping ability, speed and endurance. There are eight levels in all. ||


In each room are infrared rays which can be seen when the scope has been acquired. ||

Floppy Disk

Discover all five of them and feed them to the main computer to win. ||

Zillion Power

When you locate one, your level will increase and a new group of cylinders will be available to you. ||

Acitivate Computer:

Now you've been through a room, you've collected an ID Card, or several, and you think that you've memorized the four accurate symbols to gain entry to the next room. Well let's see if you have.

Computer Terminal

The Other Computer Commands:

The computer will only activate a command when four symbols have been input. so just as four symbols were needed to open a door, four symbols are needed for the remaining commands. They are entered exactly the same as before, the only difference will occur when you have activated the command. Your ID Card will not be returned to you. So it is very important to collect as many cards as possible. If you run out, you can receive more in the Mother Ship.

Map Display

This is a simplified map of the underground base or maze. The blue flashing point indicates the present position of the player. Green color indicates which rooms you have passed through. Red color indicates location of the room containing the main computer.

Laser Barrier Stop

Those yellow lasers in each room which zap your life power will be temporarily disabled with this command.

Sensor Stop

Will eliminate infrared rays.

Moving Walkway Stop

Will prevent the floor from moving under you temporarily.

Auto-Gun Stop

Will disable the auto-gun temporarily.

Warp A

Returns you to the elevator at the base of the underground entrance.

Warp B

Returns you to the nearest elevator.

Base Explosion: Main

If you enter this command into the main computer bank, the entire base will explode in X minutes. If you do not manage to escape the underground in X minutes, you will perish in the explosion.

Explosion Cancel: Main

This will cancel the previous command once it is input. This command can only be entered into the main computer bank.


When you decide to commit suicide, this is the command. We will help you determine when this is useful.

Danger Zones:

Once you've entered the maze and you're ready to make progress, look out for the following:

Land Mines

When you approach a land mine, remember to cross it as we explained earlier. Should you activate the mine, your life power will decrease. When you reach a Zillion power of three, you can shoot your way through the field by lying face down.


Barriers are the yellow line running up and down in the room. They will significantly decrease your life power when you pass through them. They can be neutralized for a short period of time with the right command and an ID Card. Remember, sometimes they will zap you repeatedly if you get stuck against one. So be careful.

Infrared Ray Sensors

These sensors will not be visible unless you have picked up 'Scope' power. They are beams that run lengthwise, up and down and in anyplace in the room. There can be only one beam per room, so if you figure out its location by trial and error, you can be confident you won't activate others. Now, when you do cross a sensor, eight Norsa Warriors will be summoned and they will remain until you confront them. Either kill these enemies or be killed by them.

Review Status:

Your status report will review this important information.

Level ability of player. Eight levels in all.
Present amount of life power points.
Present firing power of Zillion.
Jumping ability of player.
Existence or nonexistence of infrared ray senesors in the present room.

Know the Players

There are heroes, heroines and villains in this game, each with their own special characteristics. Now is the time to become familiar with your teammates.


J.J. - The Main Trouper

168 cm tall, weighs 53 kg, blood type O, 16 years old. He's got a strong sense of justice, always ahead of the pack to the scene of evil doings. His special skills are combat oriented.



165 cm tall, weighs 50 kg, blood type O, 17 years old. Excellent defense in close combat situations. His specialty is fighting with agile moves and endurance.



178 cm tall, weighs 68 kg, blood type B, 18 years old. A real straight shooter. Never loses his cool, and is always courageous in combat.



155 cm tall, weighs 46 kg, blood type AB, 16 years of age. The favorite of the White Knights. She operates the power center at the Mother Ship.



38 cm tall, weighs 16 kg, Sega Mascot and prized friend of the White Knights.

In addition to teammates, there are naturally enemies.

Norsa Warrior

Norsa Warriors

There are four different classes of soldiers. Therefore, they will react differently to your defensive moves. The following section will help you prepare for each class.

This table illustrates Zillion's destruction ability at each level.

Class A Warrior111
Class B Warrior111
Class C Warrior211
Class D Warrior321

Individual Level's Values and Maximum Power

Warrior Land Mine Bullets Barrier
*1* J.J. 700 1.0 1.0 30 60 120
Apple 600 1.5 1.5 40 80 160
Champ 800 0.5 0.5 20 40 80
*2* J.J. 720 1.0 1.0 30 60 120
Apple 620 1.5 1.5 40 80 160
Champ 820 0.5 0.5 20 40 80
*3* J.J. 740 1.0 1.0 30 60 120
Apple 640 1.5 1.5 40 80 160
Champ 840 0.5 0.5 20 40 80
*4* J.J. 760 1.0 1.0 30 60 120
Apple 660 1.5 1.5 40 80 160
Champ 860 0.5 0.5 20 40 80
*5* J.J. 780 1.5 1.5 20 40 80
Apple 680 1.5 2.0 20 40 80
Champ 880 1.0 1.0 10 20 40
*6* J.J. 800 1.5 1.5 20 40 80
Apple 700 1.5 2.0 20 40 80
Champ 900 1.0 1.0 10 20 40
*7* J.J. 820 1.5 2.0 20 40 80
Apple 720 1.5 2.0 20 40 80
Champ 920 1.5 1.5 10 20 40
*8* J.J. 840 1.5 2.0 10 20 40
Apple 740 1.5 2.0 10 20 40
Champ 940 1.5 1.5 10 20 40
Warrior A
Always moving to the right and left. When they spot you, they will begin shooting.
Warrior B
Always moving to the right and left. When they spot you, they will begin shooting and are able to squat and shoot.
Warrior C
These warriors are the same as the Warrior B type, but more dangerous. They can shoot up, giving them a three-directional shooting capacity.
Warrior D
These are the most dangerous. In addition to the above abilities, they will attack with their bodies and you'll lose points with contact.

Time To Exchange Teammates:

Now that you know your teammates so well, you should be able to decide when exchanging places with any one of them would be a good idea.

After J.J. has rescued Apple and Champ from the maze, they can help him during the game.

One More Chance:

Even if you collapse and the "Game Over" message appears, you will be awarded another chance by Opa-Opa.

He'll appear on the screen with two choices:

This option will be awarded three times throughout the entire game.

Now Make Your Move

It is very confusing inside this maze, so we have provided you with a map to help you plot your course. You should fill in the rooms you need to traverse in order to reach the main computer, that way you can check your progress, avoid getting lost and narrow down any unnecessary passages.

This map has a beginning path already blacked in for you to start from. Also illustrated on the map are several rooms which have hidden commands. An outline follows:


Zillion: Map

Hidden Commands Collection:

Because we've numbered the rooms with a grid system, you can easily identify which room we're referring to with your numerical titles.

When you input the commands we've listed below, a special message will appear that will not be displayed in any other room under the same command.

Room #E-2
Input: Explode
Room #H-5
Input: Explode
Room #C-4
Input: Suicide
Room #I-8
Input: Suicide
Room #I-6
Input: Explode
Room #N-6
Input: Explode

These messages will deliver special information and instructions to help you reach the main computer more quickly.

The Last Word:

Remember that this is a thinking game and will take hours of playing time to win, succeed, or however you see it. So prepare yourself for an incredible computer game and don't get discouraged.

Grab a pad and pen, review the symbols and create your own method of recall, keep your manual nearby, and go get those floppy disks. Once you've input all five, it's time to explode the base and head back to the Mother ship.

Good Luck.

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