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Starting Up

  1. Set up your Sega Master System or Master System II as described in its instruction manual. Plug in Control Pad 1.
  2. Make sure the power switch is OFF. Then insert the Sega cartridge into the Power Base.
  3. Turn the power switch ON. In a few moments, the Title screen appears.
  4. If the Title screen doesn’t appear, turn the power switch OFF. Make sure your system is set up correctly and the cartridge is properly inserted. Then turn the power switch ON again.

Important: Always make sure that the power switch is turned OFF when inserting or removing your Cartridge.

Note: This game is for one player only.

The People of Monster World are Looking For a Hero...

... to rid our land of the monsters who are plaguing us — and who we are powerless to stop ourselves! In our cities, deserts and jungles, the creatures are multiplying, and they're turning our peaceful homes upside down!

We need someone who’s strong, to travel long distances through treacherous lands. Someone smart, to pick up clues, decipher magic spells and plan wisely for his journeys. Someone who can pit his fighting skills against the most powerful monsters in the land, and come out on top!

Princess Shiela of Monster World has left her castle in Purapril to search for such a hero, and now she’s disappeared! With so many monsters roaming about, who knows what may have happened to her?

Are you the hero we're looking for? Is that why you’re here?

Take Control!

  1. Directional Button (D-Button)
    • Press left or right to move in those directions.
    • Press to make selections in menu screens.
    Press UP to:
    • Enter through doorways.
    • Look at items in Shops, read signs and start conversations.
    • Open treasure chests.
    • Climb ladders, vines, chains or ropes.
    Press DOWN to:
    • Crouch. Press Button 1 while crouching to stab forward with your weapon.
    • Exit Inns and Shops.
    • Climb down ladders, vines, chains or ropes.
  2. Button 1
    • Press to attack.
    • Press to close the Equipment/Status windows.
  3. Button 2
    • Press to jump.
    • Press to swim.
    • Press to speed up messages on the screen.

Pause Button (Master System Console)

Special Moves

Getting Started

Following the Sega logo is the Wonder Boy in Monster World Title screen. Wait a moment, and you'll see a brief demonstration of the game. Press Button 1 to stop the demonstration and bring up the Title screen, then press Button 1 to get started.

Next you'll choose between starting a new game or entering a password. If this is your first time playing Wonder Boy, select New Game and press Button 1 to begin play.

Before you begin your game, you should have a pencil handy to write down passwords that appear during the game. Be sure to print each letter and number clearly to avoid confusion in the future. Use your own sheet, or the Password Page located at the back of this manual.

Entering Passwords

You’ll receive a password whenever you save your game (see “Inns," page 38). When you want to continue a saved game, press Button 1 at the Title screen and use the D-Button to select Password. Press Button 1 to see the Password screen.

To enter a password, press the D-Button left, right, up or down until the brackets at the bottom of the screen surround the character you want to enter. Press Button 2 to enter that character on a space. If you make a mistake, move the brackets to the appropriate arrow at the bottom right corner of the screen, and press Button 2 to move the cursor around the spaces on the password. When you reach the character you want to change, select the new character with the D-Button and press Button 2.

Continue until all of the spaces are filled, then press Button 1. If you entered the password correctly, the screen will fade, and you’ll begin in the Inn where you took the password. If the password is incorrect, you'll hear a tone when you press Button 1. Check your entry carefully.

Screen Signals

  1. Vitality Meter: Shows Shion's remaining energy. If Shion is hurt while this meter is empty, the game ends.
  2. Gold: Shows the number of gold pieces Shion has collected so far.
  3. Items/Magic Equipped: Shows the item (at right) or magic weapon (at left) that Shion is equipped with. If you see a question mark here, Shion is not equipped with an item or magic weapon. For instructions on equipping these items, see "Selecting an Item" on page 22.

Equipment/Status Window

Press the Pause Button on your Master System console to pause the game and bring up the Equipment/Status Window. Here you can get detailed information on Shion's current status, change weapons or armor, or equip Shion with items and magic weapons.

Note: During Shion’s battles with Boss monsters, you can pause the game, but you can’t open the Equipment Window. Press the Pause Button again to return to play.

  1. Vitality Meter: Shows Shion’s remaining energy.
  2. Item/Magic Equipped: Shows the item or magic weapon that Shion is equipped with.
  3. Attack Points: Shows Shion's attack power. increase attack power by upgrading Shion's weapons.
  4. Defense Points: The higher Shion's defense points, the less damage he suffers to certain attacks, increase defense points by upgrading Shion’s armor.
  5. Special Points: Shows Shion’s power to deal with certain types of terrain. Increase these points by fitting Shion with special boots.
  6. Equipment/Inventory Selection: Here you can look at or select what weapons and items Shion will use. Use the D-Button to move the pointer in front of the category you want to see, and press Button 2. To return to the Equipment Window, press Button 1. Press Button 1 again to return to play.

Selecting Equipment and Items

Open a category by moving the pointer in front of the category you want to look at and pressing Button 2. The list of available items appears, with the item Shion is currently using high-lighted in white.

Place the marker next to the item you want Shion to wear or use, and press Button 2. Shion starts the game with armor and weapons, which you can upgrade by making purchases at Shops (see page 36) or winning items from monsters.

In the case of items or magic, select an item by placing the marker next to it and pressing Button 2. The word SET will appear over that item, and a letter or symbol representing that item will appear in the upper right corner of the screen, beneath the jewels — the red jewel on the left represents magic, and the blue jewel on the right represents items.

To use items or magic during play, press and hold the D-Button up, and press Button 1 for magic, or Button 2 for a special item.

Below each magic item in the Magic Window, you’ll see a number of jewels that represent the number of times you can use that magic. Once you run out of a magic weapon, the letter beneath the red jewel will turn back to a question mark.

Note: Some special items (such as Elixir) cannot be selected or equipped, but they’ll come into use when you need them.

Tools of the Trade

  1. Gold
    As you travel along, you'll come across all kinds of creatures that will try to attack you. When you defeat them, you’ll receive a certain amount of gold which can be used to purchase items and services that you’ll need later. Pick up as much gold as you can — weapons and magic items can get expensive in a hurry!
  2. Treasure Chests
    There are treasure chests hidden throughout the dungeons of Monster World. To open one, stand in front of it and press the D-Button up. There may be gold, items or other valuables inside.
  3. Hearts
    Shion starts the game with three Hearts on his Vitality Meter. Each time he picks up a Heart case and Heart, his Vitality Meter is increased by Small Hearts restore vitality to Shion's Vitality Meter if any has been lost. Pick up Hearts by defeating enemies and opening treasure chests.


Magic and items can be purchased in Shops, or found in treasure chests.

  1. Elixir: if Shion's Vitality Meter runs out this item instantly restores all of Shion's Vitality and gives him another chance Elixir can only be used canoe.
  2. Medicine: Restores some of Shion's lost vitality. Medicine comes in various strengths and can only be used once
  3. Ocarina: A musical instrument that is used to unlock certain doors. Be sure you learn the special tunes needed to unlock each door


  1. Firestorm: Hits Shion's enemies with powerful balls of flame.
  2. Thunder: Blasts Shion's enemies with lightning!
  3. Shield: Creates a force field that protects Shion from harm for a short time.
  4. Quake: Releases an earth-shaking blast that damages all monsters on the ground.
  5. Power: Makes Shion's blows more powerful for a short time.
  6. Return: Sends Shion back to the last Inn he visited, and out of harm's way!

Cities and Villages

You and Shion will come across a number of cities and villages where you can rest and save your game, purchase weapons and supplies, and pick up the latest gossip. Enter any of the buildings by moving Shion in front of the door and pressing the D-Button up. To exit a building, move Shion to the outline of the door and press the D-Button down.

Signs and Conversations

Read signs and talk to people whenever you can, to pick up valuable clues as to where the monsters are. To read a sign or start a conversation, walk up to the person you wish to talk to, and press the D-Button up. You can hurry the message along by pressing Button 2. Press Button 2 again to go on to the next part of the message and to close the conversation window when you’re done.


Throughout the game, certain doors lead to Shops that sell items and weapons. Some, but not all, of these Shops have signs on the doors. Talk to the Shop-keeper by walking up to him/her and pressing the D-Button up.

To Shop, walk in front of the Item or Weapon you want to buy, and press the D-Button up. The Shopkeeper will tell you the price and ask you if you want to make the purchase. Use the D-Button to select your answer, and press Button 2. The article you bought will now appear in your Equipment Window. If you don’t have enough money to purchase what you want, you will be refused.

Leave the Shop by walking to the outline of the door and pressing the D-Button down.


Here you can save your game, pick up a good night's sleep and restore your Vitality. Simply walk up to the Innkeeper and press the D-Button up.

You'll be asked if you want to stay the night. If you don’t wish to stay, select NO, and the conversation will end. if you select YES, you’ll be asked if you want to save the game. If you select NO, the Innkeeper will wish you good night. If you select YES, you will then receive your password. Write it down carefully, so you’ll be able to continue your game from that point later on.

Next you will be asked if you wish to continue your journey in the morning. If you wish to continue playing the game, select YES. The next scene will be of the Innkeeper wishing you a good morning. If you select NO, the game ends, and the next thing you see is the Sega logo.

Game Over

Your game ends when all of the Hearts in Shion’s Vitality Meter are empty. If you didn’t save your game at all, you'll go back to Shion’s house at the beginning of the game. If you saved your game earlier, you’ll instantly go back to the Inn where you last saved your game.

Give it another try — the people of Monster World are depending on you!

Tips & Hints

Handling This Cartridge

This Cartridge is intended exclusively for the Sega System.

For Proper Usage

  1. Do not immerse in water!
  2. Do not bend!
  3. Do not subject to any violent impact!
  4. Do not expose to direct sunlight!
  5. Do not damage or disfigure!
  6. Do not place near any high temperature source!
  7. Do not expose to thinner, benzine, etc.!
  8. When wet, dry completely before using.
  9. When it becomes dirty, carefully wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in soapy water.
  10. After use, put it in its case.
  11. Be sure to take an occasional recess during extended play.

WARNING: For owners of projection televisions. Still pictures or images may cause permanent picture tube damage or mark phosphor of the CRT. Avoid repeated or extended use of video games on large screen projection televisions.

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