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Free the Skies!

On a hill overlooking the Mediterranean, a young man lies in the grass. He looks up at the fiery red and gold sky as dawn breaks over the sea. A light breeze rustles through the olive trees. The sound of a propeller engine breaks the silence. He listens as it's joined by a second engine, this one a high-powered custom job.

Two planes appear on the horizon. A cargo plane appears, followed by a small turboprop. The young man whips out his binoculars and looks for the insignia. The cargo plane is a standard B-17, no match for the flyer on his tail. The turboprop dives from 3 o'clock, coming at the cargo plane with the sun behind him, and opens up on it with his high caliber weapons. The left flap looks pretty badly damaged. Another run and the cargo plane is done for.

The young man runs towards a small hangar in the hillside. He's seen the turboprop before. He remembers two years ago. A copilot on a commercial plane. A sky pirate concerned only with looting another victim. The crash. The destruction. Months in the hospital recovering – he was one of the lucky ones. Now, it's time to put an end to the pirates. He's decided it's time to fight back and stop the villains once and for all. The sky is free – no-one will hold it for ransom any more!

Pilot donning flight goggles

Take Control!

Directional Button (D-Button)

Button 1

Button 2

Once you turn on your Master System/Master System II, the Power Strike II Story screen and the Title screens will appear. Press Button 1 or 2 to see the main menu, or wait to see the high scores and a game demo. To leave the high scores screen or the demo, press Button 1 or to return to the story screen.

The Main Menu

Move the selection arrow to the option you wish to select by pressing the D-Button up or down.

Power Strike II title screen Main menu
  1. This is the game's current high score. You must get a score higher than 100,000 to be listed here.
  2. This shows the number and the name of the special weapon currently being displayed on the right side of the screen. Change the displayed weapon by pressing the D-Button left or right until the weapon you want to see is displayed. You start the game with the weapon that is currently displayed. See pages 18 - 20 for an explanation of the different types of weapons available.
  3. Select Game Start to start your adventures from the beginning of the game. Press Button 1 or 2 to start the game.
  4. Continue allows you to begin the game from the beginning of the last round you were in. Press Button 1 or 2 to start the game.
    Note: Resetting the game resets the Continue Round to Round 1.
  5. Select Option to see the game options available. Press Button 1 or 2 to see the options available.

Preflight Options

The System Select screen has a number of options to choose from. Place the selection arrow next to the option you want to change with the D-Button.

  1. Exit: Press Button 1 or 2 to return to the main menu.
  2. Sound: Listen to the music and sound effects used in Power Strike II! Press the D-Button left or right to see the choices, and press Button 1 to hear the music/sound effect. Pressing Button 2 stops the music/sound effect.
  3. P. Speed (Player Speed): Change the Falcon Flyer's speed with this option. 1 is the slowest and 4 is the fastest. Press the D-Button left or right to change the setting.
  4. TRG.Pause: This option allows you to pause the game when you press Button 2. Press the D-Button left or right to turn the TRG.Pause function on or off.
  5. Rank: Choose from five difficulty levels. Rank 1 is the easiest, and Rank 5 is the most challenging. Press the D-Button left or right to change the setting.
    System select (options) screen

Screen Signals

  1. Current Score
  2. Falcon Flyer
  3. Item Holder
  4. Current Special Weapon
  5. Special Weapon Strength
  6. Falcons Left
    Map of screen information

Weapons and Items

You start the game with standard bullets, fired from your nose gun. Holding Button 1 down allows you to fire continuously, and when you're in a jam, let go of Button 1 for a super burst that will knock your enemies out of the sky! As you blast your way through the enemy defenses, item holders will appear on screen. Shoot them to release the weapon or item (indicated by a number) they're carrying and fly over the number to acquire it. You can also find weapons and items on occasion when you shoot down enemy aircraft. Here is a description of the weapons you'll come across:

  1. 0 (Shell Up): This weapon increases your nose guns' firing power.
  2. 1 (Shot Gun): This weapon gives you a wide-range blast in front of you.
  3. 2 (Missile): Launches missiles in front of you.
    Weapon 0: Shell Up Weapon 1: Shot Gun Weapon 2: Missile
  4. 3 (Burner): A long-range flame thrower is attached to the nose of the Falcon Flyer.
  5. 4 (Absorption): Blasts from your jet home in on enemies and wreak major havoc!
  6. 5 (Destroyer): Rapid-fire missiles shoot out to the front and sides of your jet.
  7. 6 (Napalm): A massive explosion destroys enemies in every direction!
    Weapon 3: Burner Weapon 4: Absorption Weapon 5: Destroyer Weapon 6: Napalm

Other Items

  1. P-Pods (Power Pods): These items appear in various places in the game. Shoot enemy planes to find them, or shoot the item holder carrying a 7 to receive a shower of P-Pods! Collect P-Pods to increase your special weapon strength. A 0 means you haven't acquired a special weapon yet. A 1 is minimum strength. 5 will make even the pirates' top fliers cringe in terror!
  2. Super Blast: Fly over this item and watch as all the enemies on the screen disappear in fiery explosions!
  3. 1-Ups: Collect these mini-Falcon Flyers for extra Lives!
    Note: The maximum number of Lives you can have is 9.
    P-Pod Super Blast 1-Up
  4. Spin Shields: Collect these items for protection from enemy fire as well as to increase your nose guns' firing power. You can collect a maximum of three Spin Shields. Spin Shields appear either from the top of the screen, when you hit enemy planes, or carried by item holders. The Spin Shields will flash red blue and yellow. Red increases your nose guns' firing power, blue makes your bullets blast through more than one enemy, and yellow makes your bullets fan out in front of the Falcon Flyer to hit more enemies.
    Note: If you use the Burner special weapon, any Spin Shields you already have become secondary burners, but you can still collect more shields for protection.
    Spin Shield

Game Over/Continue

Should the enemy be able to clip your wings, the Continue screen will appear. If you think you're ready to take another crack at the pirates, select Continue, or if you need a breather, select Game Over. Selecting Game Over brings you back to the Story Screen, and selecting Continue starts you off at the beginning of the stage you were last in.


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