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Poseidon Wars 3-D

The unthinkable has happened: An invasion force has crossed the seas intent on conquering your homeland. Your navy has been caught unprepared. Ships are sunk, lives lost. In desperation, your country rolls out Poseidon, a fast-attack training cruiser with green cadets aboard, including you! Your mission: Train just as fast as you can, sharpening your fighting skills to the max. When you're ready, set sail for hostile waters and nail the enemy ships before they invade your home soil!

Alone at watch, you eye the inky black waters of the ocean. Suddenly, your radar bleeps a warning: bogeys at 12 o'clock! The alarm sounds. Enemy ships appear over the horizon. Hot lead fills the air as tracers light up the night sky. You line up the cross hairs of your cannon on an enemy jet screaming in toward your ship. You squeeze the trigger. Will you bag him before he sends you to the bottom of the sea?

Taking Control

SMS Control Pad

Use your Control Pads to do the following:

Control Pad 1:

D-Button: Moves the cross hairs of your gun sight.

Button #1: Fires the 76mm cannon.

Button #2: Fires ship-to-ship missles.

Control Pad 2:

Button #1: Changes from 3-D to 2-D.

Button #2: Escape mission.

Rules of Engagement

There are two stages to Poseidon Wars 3-D: Training and Combat. During the first 5 missions, you'll be training. Hopefully, you'll rise in rank from a cadet to a full officer. If you do, you'll then go on to the next 8 missions, where you'll do actual battle with the invading naval forces.

Both stages, training and battle, are played exactly the same way: shoot down attacking planes and missiles, blast enemy boats out of the water, and sink the enemy command craft that appear at the end of each mission. If you sink the command ships, you move on to the next mission. If you run out of fuel, or your damage gauge is maxed out, you sink and the game is over.

Screen Mode

Poseidon Wars 3-D can be played in 2-D if you don't have Sega 3-D Glasses available. Press Button 1 of Control Pad 2, and the screen becomes 2-D. This can be done anytime, even while the game is in progress.

Training Missions

During your cadet training, you'll do battle in five different missions:

  1. CL-38 Lance
  2. Crush the Convoy Fleet
  3. CV-57 Manticore
  4. Recover Our Port
  5. CGN-63 Halbard

After pressing the start button during the intro screen, you'll get to choose which mission to undertake, except for mission #5, which is saved for last. To choose missions 1 - 4, use the D-Button to toggle back and forth between them. When you've made your choice, push Button 1 to start.

Combat at Sea

Once your training is complete, you'll do actual battle with the enemy in eight different missions:

  1. CG-47 Gauntlet
  2. BBN 62 Golem
  3. Crush the Convoy Fleet
  4. CGN-51 Bullova
  5. CVS-62 Cyclops
  6. Recover Our Port
  7. SSN-11 Hydra
  8. CVN-68 Sea Devil

As with the training missions, you can choose the order of stages to fight (except for mission #8) by toggling back and forth with the D-Button.

The View Screen

When the game starts, you'll be looking at the control panel shown here.

control panel, view of sky
control panel, view of water


Radar scans the frontal approach of enemy aircraft and detects them before they become visible on the screen. If your ship gets hit by enemy fire, your radar can become damaged. If the lamp in front of the radar indicator turns red, the system has malfunctioned, and won't operate as well. (The radar screen will also blink.) If the lamp turns black, then it has broken down completely.


Sonar scans for ships on the water, and will detect them before you can see them visually on the screen. If Poseidon is damaged by enemy fire, your Sonar unit can become damaged. If the lamp in front of the sonar indicator turns red, the system has malfunctioned. If the lamp turns black, the unit has broken down and is useless.

SSM Missiles

Surface-to-surface missiles are powerful weapons used to sink enemy command ships. (It is difficult to shoot down aircraft with these.) During the training stages, you'll get 4 SSM's in your arsenal. During the battle stages, you'll get a maximum of 12. To fire, press Button 2. The number of missiles you have left in your launchers is displayed in a window just below the SSM indicator. Like any other component on Poseidon, SSM's can break down if your ship is damaged by enemy fire. If the lamp in front of the SSM indicator turns red, a missile launcher malfunction has occured. Press Button 2 two or three times to launch. If the lamp turns black, a complete breakdown has occurred, and you will be unable to launch missiles.


Your double-barreled 76 mm cannon is used to destroy both ships and aircraft. Press Button 1 to fire.

If you get through mission 4 of the actual battle stages, your system is revamped, and will launch three shots with a single firing. If you complete Mission 5 of the actual battle stages, the fire power of the shells increase, intensifying the severity of the damage you will inflict upon the enemy.

If your ship is damaged by enemy fire, your gun may become disabled. If the indicator light next to the GUN label on the control panel turns red, the gun has malfunctioned, and will fire single shots only. If the lamp turns black, the gun has broken down, although you can still fire if you push Button 1 two or three times.


This gauge shows the current status of your ship's engine. If you're hit by enemy fire and the lamp turns red, your fuel consumption will increase. If the lamp turns black, fuel will be gobbled up even faster. If you complete Mission 2 of the actual battle stages, your engine is revamped, and will consume far less fuel.


This arrow indicates north. If Poseidon is hit by enemy shells and the compass is damaged, the needle will rotate wildly.

Damage Gauge

When Poseidon is hit by enemy fire, the red portion of the damage gauge decreases in relation to the severity of the blow. In between missions, the gauge will recover in 1/4 increments each time you complete a mission.

Fuel Gauge

The red portion of the fuel gauge will decrease as time passes. If your engine is damaged, fuel consumption will increase. If you sink an enemy tanker, fuel will be added to your tanks. If the fuel gauge reaches empty, the game is over.

Cross Hairs

Use this cursor to lock your gun and missiles onto enemy ships and airplanes. With the D-Button, move the cross hairs over an enemy target and press a fire button (Button 1 for gun, Button 2 for missile). Because your tracking system is the lock-on type, you don't need to keep the cross hairs fixed on the enemy as your shells are flying. After the shoot button is pressed, your shell or missile will arrive at the spot where the sight was originally aimed.


Though not shown on the control panel, Poseidon has been built with shell-resisting armor plating. When Mission 1 of the actual battle stages has been accomplished, Poseidon is refitted with strengthened metal plating, which will reduce the damage inflicted by enemy shells and torpedos.

Battle Stations! Battle Stations!

When the battle starts, keep one eye at all times on your radar and sonar screens. You'll always see the enemy approaching here first, and this will allow you to anticipate their attacks. Move your cross hairs to the portion of the screen where you see radar or sonar blips. When the ship or plane appears, shoot and then fix your sights on the next target. If you wait until an enemy actually appears, it may be too late to set up your guns or missiles.

If an enemy plane gets close enough, it'll shoot missiles at your ship. Destroy these before they slam into Poseidon. Enemy ships can also shoot antiship missiles or torpedoes.

At the end of the mission, an enemy command ship will appear and attack you. You must sink it in order to accomplish your mission.

Supply and Repair

Poseidon receives supplies of fuel and missiles, and repairs of damaged systems periodically.

Supply Missions

When these missions are accomplished, fuel and missiles are replenished. Supply missions include Training Missions 2, 4, and 5, plus Actual Battle Missions 2, 3, 4, and 6. (Remember that fuel can also be replenished by sinking enemy tankers.)

Repair Missions

When these missions are accomplished, fuel, missiles, and all other functions are fully recovered. Repair missions include Training Missions 2, 4, and 5, plus Actual Battle Missions 2, 4 and 6.

Damage Recovery

Each time a mission is accomplished, the damage gauge recovers in 1/4 increments. The Damage is fully recovered in Training Missions 2 and 4, and Battle Missions 2, 4 and 6.

Mission Escape

If you get in a real jam and it looks like you're ready to head under the waves, you can escape rom a mission by pressing Button 2 of Control Pad 2. In this way, you can make it to a supply and repair mission at any time. However, keep in mind that unless you sink a missions enemy command battleship, the mission has not yet been accomplished, and you'll have to go back eventually.


In order to graduate from a cadet to an officer, you must complete the five training missions plus accumulate a certain number of points. To go into actual battle, you must accumulate a score of at least 15,000 points. If after five training missions you have less than this, you start over again at training mission one. (If you have less than 5,000 points, you're expelled, and the game is over.) When you start over, you begin with 5,000 points.

During actual battle, you will be promoted according to the scores you rack up. Eventually, you may even become fleet admiral!

Scores are added up each mission, and then added to your previous score. New scores are calculated as follows:

End-of-mission score screen
Shows your current rank. You remain a cadet until you have successfully completed your training missions.
Positive points for destroying enemy planes and ships.
Positive Points for damaging enemy planes and ships.
Negative points subtracted from your score, depending on the damage you sustain.
Negative points for the number of missiles you were forced to use.
Negative points for your fuel consumption.
Negative points for the length of time it takes you to accomplish a mission.
Negative points for the number of times you use the escape mission feature.
This is your total net score for the mission.
New Score
Your last mission's total added to your previous score.

The Ranks

0 - 4,999 PointsFailure
5,000 PointsCadet
15,000 PointsEnsign
25,000 PointsLieutenant j.g.
35,000 PointsLieutenant
45,000 PointsLieutenant Commander
55,000 PointsCommander
65,000 PointsCaptain
75,000 PointsRear Admiral
85,000 PointsVice Admiral
95,000 PointsAdmiral
105,000 PointsFleet Admiral

Know your Enemy

Escort Vessels and Others

Tankers - 200 points: Fuel increases when sunk.
Frigate - 500 points

Missiles, Torpedoes, Enemy Shells - 10 points


FA-129 figher

FA-129 figher
600 points: Shoots high-speed rounds, but relatively weak.

AV-220 Attacker

AV-220 Attacker
600 points: Launches missiles, but are fairly slow.

SH-716 Attack Helicopter

SH-716 Attack Helicopter
600 points: Slow-speed, but sneaks in from above and the sides. Detect on your radar first and anticipate its attack

AWACS Early Warning Aircraft

AWACS Early Warning Aircraft
1,000 points: If shot down, the number of enemy planes appearing will be reduced.

Command Ships

* Training Missions *

Lance - 1,000 points
Halbard - 2,000 points
Manticore - 1,000 points
Morning Star
Morning Star - 1,000 points

* Battle Missions *

Gauntlet: 1,000 - 1,500 points
Bullova: 1,000 - 2,000 points
Cyclops - 3,000 points
Golem: 1,000 - 1,500 points
Phoenix - 1,000 points
Hydra - 3,000 points
Sea Devil
Sea Devil - 5,000 points

Helpful Hints

After shooting, move your cross hairs as soon as possible to lock on to another target.

When the enemy attacks continuously, protect yourself by setting up a curtain of fire.

Sink enemy ships before they launch missiles, since these are difficult to shoot down.

Since it takes time for your shells and missiles to reach their targets, shoot just ahead of the enemy. This is called "oversight firing."

When the Sea Devil command ship has been destroyed in Mission 8, you have succeeded, and the battle is at an end. Or is it?

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