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Loading Instructions: Starting Up

1) Make sure the power switch is OFF.

2) Insert the PHANTASY STAR™ cartridge in the Power Base (shown below) as described in your SEGA SYSTEM™ manual.

3) Turn the power switch ON. If nothing appears on the screen, turn the power switch OFF, remove the cartridge and try insertion again.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure the Power Base is turned OFF when inserting or removing your Sega Cartridge. If this is not done, the memory protected by the backup battery may be lost.

This cartridge contains a lithium battery, which will last for several years if properly handled. It cannot be user replaced

About Phantasy Star

Phantasy Star is an interactive adventure role-playing game. It will take you on an adventure unlike any you have ever experienced! The object is to defeat the evil galactic tyrant Lassic. But in order to do so you will take a quest across the stars, seeking friends, magical items, weapons and armor. You will learn much in Phantasy Star ... both about the Algol Star System and about the true heritage of Alis and her friends.

In Phantasy Star, you interact with the characters you meet in the course of the game. Some will give you clues and valuable information. Others will join you in your adventures.

There is no "One Best Way" to finish the game. There will be many directions you can go ... many ways to accomplish your goals. All areas should be explored. Important clues, weapons and items can and will be found in out-of-the-way locations.

It's not a game you will be able to finish in a day. Phantasy Star has a battery backup memory so you can save up to five separate games and continue from the exact point you left. Look forward to many hours of fun and adventure ... including space travel and raging battles both above and below ground.

Strategy and logic are the keys to beating Phantasy Star. Prepare to match wits with the very best of the Sega Master!

Good Luck!

The Phantasy Star Story :

The time: Space Century 342. The place: the three planet Algol solar system located deep in the Andromeda galaxy.

Under the democratic rule of King Lassic, life was good as he provided everything his people could want. Space Travel had been discovered 200 years before and deep space shuttles had allowed colonization of Motavia and Dezoris, the other worlds of the Algol Star System.

But slowly, over time, things began to change. It started with a new religion which was rumored to have come from another galaxy. The dark priests of this religion, never seen by any mortal, promised immortality to all who joined. You would live forever!

King Lassic was getting old. The idea of living forever appealed to him so he became the first to join. Then, he ... changed. It started with the threatening suit of armor the priests made for him. The armor looked evil and corrupt, and that's how Lassic began to rule his people. Outrageous taxes became a burden on everyone. Business on all three planets shut down and entire towns fell into decay. There was no way for the people to make any money.

As time passed and the people suffered, horrible creatures and monsters began to stalk all three worlds. When the dead came back to life, the people feared the worst and guessed the truth. Through black magic, Lassic had become an evil tyrant.

But where there is evil there is also always good. Brave individuals began to rally in secret against Lassic. But his Robotcops were ruthless in hunting out these defenders of the people. One was Nero, a spaceport worker in Camineet, the central town on Palma. Long ago, his father had disappeared trying to learn Lassic's evil secrets. Now, the Robotcops had crushed Nero as well. Before he died, he passed on his short sword and his quest to his sister, Alis. He also told her to find a brave fighter named Odin.

Alis raised the sword to the sky and vowed that Nero's death would not go unavenged!

Taking Control

The Directional Button (D-Button)

On the surface of the planets:

When in dungeons, caves and towers:

Button 1:

Button 2:

Button 1 or Button 2:

Pause Button:

Reset Button:

NOTE: Pushing the reset button without previously saving the game will cause the game to restart from the beginning.

Getting Started:

When the title screen appears you can choose to either START a new game or CONTINUE a saved game. Make your selection by using the D-Button to move the selection cursor to your choice and pressing Button 2.

1) Starting your first game:

2) Continuing a saved game:

NOTE: This last selection is only used for deleting saved games. Be very careful in using the NO command as you might accidentally erase a saved game!

3) To Save a game:

4) Name Registration

NOTE: There is space for only five letters, numbers or symbols for each game you save.

Command Menus

Phantasy Star is a menu driven game. The actions of your characters and movement of items from character to character are controlled by lists of commands called menus. There are two basic types of main menus: NONCOMBAT and COMBAT. To effectively play Phantasy Star you must learn how to call up the various windows and also learn how to move between them to select the items desired. It's easy. Here's how to do it:

Noncombat menus:

This menu can be called up at any time except when Alis and her friends are in combat. When called up the following choices will appear:


Status, shows the strength and health of each character in Alis' party.

The STAS for each character appears in three menus:

Menu A:

If there is more than one character in your control, use the D-Button to choose which one you want to review first.

Menu B: WEAPONS / ARMOR: This menu lists the weapons and armor the character is using and wearing.

Menu C:

Level. This shows the progress of the character. The higher the LV, the stronger the character's other aspects.
Experience Points. You gain experience points every time you defeat an enemy in battle. As your experience points accumulate, your characters will reach higher levels. This is the main way to measure the progress of your game ... like getting high scores in other games.
The higher the points in this category the more damage will be inflicted on the enemy each time you strike. Attack strengths are based on the type of weapon being used. The more powerful the weapon used, the more damage inflicted.
The higher the points in this category, the less effect the enemy's hits will have on the person in battle. Defense points are based on the type of protection (i. e., shields, armor, etc.) being used.
Maximum Hit Points. The more hit points your chracters have, the more injury they will be able to take from enemy attacks without dying.
Maximum Magic Points. The higher the number, the more magic the character is able to use.
Mesetas; the monetary unit of the Algol Star System. The more you have, the more you can buy!


Magic: This menu lists the spells the character has learned (see SPELLS).


These are the special tools or equipment which have been purchased or accumulated during the quest.

Up to 24 different items can be carried at one time. However, since there isn't enough space on the screen to show all of the items at one time, choose the NEXT prompt to move to the second or third listing screen.

To use an item, another menu appears showing:


Search. Selecting this command lets you search the area directly in front of Alis and her party. SRCHing can reveal important items.


When you want to leave the game and come back later to the same position, you must use the SAVE command. This command will store everything you have done in the game up to that point. This feature allows you to return to the exact same point you left the game at with all your characters and possessions intact.

Combat Menu

When you leave the safety of the villages and start exploring the countryside, you will quickly see why the people of the Algol Solar System are so worried about their lands. Monsters ... in every strength, shape and size!

When you meet a monster, the countryside scene will automatically change to a combat screen, and the combat menu will appear. In the combat screen you will see:

(NOTE) Each member of the party must fight. If you select RUN for one member, all will run unless an enemy blocks your retreat.

Before you enter into battle with a monster, you can select from several options:

The battle is over when the HP for either side reaches zero, or when you run away.

Treasure Chests:

Besides gaining experience points from successfully beating the monsters, you will also receive a bonus - a treasure chest. When the chest appears, a window will appear and ask you if you want to open the chest. If you decide to open it, three things could happen:

Know Your Weapons:

The weapons available throughout the game are:

Alis has this from the beginning of the game.

Odin has it from the start and it has more power than the Short Sword. Remember that it is heavy and you will need strength to use the axe.

Needle Gun. This weapon is quite powerful. It will inflict damage to all of the enemies in the battle. Only Odin can use it.

When you get this weapon, give it to Noah. It is the strongest and most powerful weapon he can use.

Since Myau is an animal, this is only one of the few weapons he can use.

Stronger than the Short Sword but heavier. It's a good opening weapon to obtain. Its Attack Strength is 12.

Strong and light in weight. Therefore it is suitable for either Alis or Odin. Its Attack Strength is high - 31.

The strongest sword available. It is also light enough for Alis. Get it if you can. Attack Strength is rated at 60!

Not quite as good as the Ceramic Sword but cheaper. Attack strength is 21.

The advantage to this gun is that it will shoot all the enemies on the screen. A good weapon to have. Attack Strength is 10.

The best gun to have and it can be used up to the end of the game. The Attack Strength is the best of the guns at 20!

One of the few weapons which Myau can use. The Attack Strength is 10.

The most powerful weapon available. Strong but heavy. Only Odin can use it but you are going to have to search for it as it isn't sold in any store. Attack Strength is 80.

If you are only going to shop in the stores, this is the most powerful weapon available over the counter. Attack Strength is 46.

Noah carries this at the start of the game. Make sure to upgrade this as soon as possible. Attack Strength is only 3.


Besides weapons, each member of the party should have some type of armor. It provides protection from the full force of the monster's attacks. Take careful note of their relative strength and make your purchases carefully.

Very light in weight but still made from strong material. Have Alis buy this right away. Defense Strength is +15.

This is the only type of protection that Myau can get. It still provides good protection as its Defense Strength is +30.

Made of the highest quality alloy available. It is good for Odin. The Defense Strength is +30.

The protection is among the best but as the name implies, it is very very expensive. If you have the money, get it. Defense Strength is +60.

The strongest protection available but you will have to find out where it is hidden. Not available in stores. Defense Strength is an amazing +80.

Noah uses this item. It is best for him and can be obtained from Master Tajima. The Defense Strength is + 40.

This is the usual dress of the people. It provides some protection but should be discarded as soon as better armor becomes available.

Noah starts the game wearing this item. Only people with exceptional knowledge and considerable education can wear this special garb.

As the name implies, this armor is very heavy and not for everybody. Alis can't wear it. Odin, being stronger, is wearing it in the beginning of the game.


In addition to armor, shields will give you extra protection from the enemy attacks. Get them as soon as you can.

Strongest shield available for Odin. Although it can't be obtained in stores, you will need it before you can defeat one of the main monsters. But which one? And where is it hidden? Defense Strength is +40.

This is best suited for Alis. It is light enough for her to carry around comfortably. You will need it in order to help defeat Lassic. Defense Strength is +50.

Ceramic is a very strong and light material. It can be bought but it is very expensive. Defense Strength is +23.

Since Myau is an animal and can't carry a shield, this is for him. Defense Strength is +40.

Iron is very heavy. It's cheap but Defense Strength is only +5.

Alis can use this as it is light in weight. Unfortunately it offers very little protection.

Heavier than leather but lighter than iron. Still too heavy for Alis.

High technology at its best!! It is easy to use and worth getting. Great for Alis.

Important Items:

Items will be invaluable during your quest. Keys, burgers, lights and vehicles will all help you along the way. Important items to obtain include:

This item will automatically send you to the last church you visited.

By using this item you will be able to understand the language of certain monsters.

This item allows you to become temporarily invisible and escape combat.

Use this item to restore your HP by 10.

Found hanging around Myau's neck. But what is its use??

This powerful, smelly liquid will melt all materials except Laconia. Best used on junk.

Opens locked dungeon doors. Can be used over and over again.

Stronger than the Magic Hat and is very effective on certain monsters.

A robot made out of pure Laconian. He will operate the Luveno ... if you find him.

Like the Cola, this item will replenish your HP, up to 40.

More powerful than the Dungeon Key. This item can even open locked Magical doors.
A precious stone located in the forehead of the Casba Dragon.

Superpowerful magic against Lassic's evil.

An item used to let you board the moving road. To get it you'll have to make a deal.
Another form of identification necessary for interplanetary travel.

Helps you find your way through the forest.

Important to Myau. But how??

With this special light all dark dungeons will become as bright as day.

Special shield to let you cross poison fields.

You are sure to get lost in the amazing dungeons. They are very tricky but if you have this item you can escape.

Used to allow you to see in dark corridors.

A magical item that will show you places no spaceship can go.

A light as bright as the midday sun. Find it on Dezoris.

A vehicle to move rapidly across the surface planets.

A special boat to get you across the water.

A must on Dezoris. When needed, it will bore through certain ice mountains with ease.


There are two types of magic. One is used during battle and the other is used during the general course of the game. The spells available are:

Used by Alis. This will heal the physical ills and restore HP.
Used by Myau and Noah. Stronger than Heal and can be used to restore large amounts of HP.
Used by Myau. During combat this magic will erect an invisible wall around Myau and all his friends.
Used by Noah. Also used during battle, this will erect a wall around his friends and in addition, will sidestep the monster's special magic spells.
Used by Alis and Noah. This will attack the monsters with balls of fire.
Used by Noah. Creates strong tornadolike winds to fight the monsters.
Used by Noah. Sends jagged bolts of lighting to strike the monsters.
Used by Alis. This spell ties up monsters, making them unable to move.
Used by Alis. Allows you to make a speedy retreat from battles you do not wish to fight.
Used by Myau. This gives a special burst of strength to a member of the party to help defeat strong monsters.
Used by Myau. Makes weaker enemies afraid of you.
Used by Myau. Allows you to disarm traps in Treasure Chests and dungeons.
Used by Myau. Allows you to float to the surface when in dungeons, caves and towers.
Used by Alis. Returns you to the last church you visited.
Used by Noah. Opens doors sealed with magic.
Used by Noah. Resurrects a member of your party without having to visit a church.
Used by Alis. Allows you to understand some monsters' languages.
Used by Noah. Like Chat, allows you to talk with some of the monsters.

Overview: The Algol Solar System

In order to ultimately defeat Lassic you will have to explore the entire Algol Solar System.

Palma - Palma is just like our own world. It has dense forests, deep lakes and rivers, and wide open areas. The planet is old and fully developed. Its civilization, called the Pal-mans, uses space travel to get to the other two planets -Motavia and Dezoris.

Motavia - A planet just starting to be colonized by the Pal-mans. It has a Spaceport for ships that shuttle people and minerals back to Palma. Motavia travels around the sun in an irregular path. Much of the time it is very close to the sun and its topography is like Earth's deserts - dry, barren and sandy. There are scattered oasis' on the planet along with mountains and deadly poison gas fields.

Dezoris - This planet is the one farthest away from the sun. It is always cold there and its surface is covered with ice and snow. Because of the bitter cold and permafrost, the development of the planet has been very slow. Once every generation, the entire planet of Motavia has an eclipse and is completely dark for 10 days. During this time, the native Dezorins light special torches. These are considered very holy and their light is used for magic ceremonies of growth year-round.

Towns and Villages

Each planet has towns and villages where the people ... and aliens live. Like in any normal community, there are houses and many other different types of buildings.

Houses - The people are everywhere. Stop and talk to them. Some will be in their homes and you will have to enter and listen to what they have to say. Others will be on the streets. Find out what information you can about the countryside, other villages or the locations of important items.

Town House

Village House

Hospital - One way to replenish your hit points is to visit a hospital. Just like in real life, you will have to pay for the service (there is no health insurance in the Algol System). The hospital fee will be based on the amount of hit points which were replaced.

Town Hospital

Village Hospital

Church - The town and village churches serve a dual purpose. First, if one of your friends happens to die in battle, he/she can be resurrected there. Second, if you want to know how many experience points you still need before you advance to the next level, you can find out when you are in a church.

Town Church

Village Church

Shops - In the towns and villages you will find three different kinds of shops where you can buy various equipment and items. After entering each, a list of available items and their respective prices will appear.

Weapons and Armor Shop - Here, for the right price, you can upgrade your armor and weapons. Since you start with only leather armor and a short sword, which offer little protection, saving your money for the right outfit would be wise.

Secondhand Shop - Many times you will need various types of tools. By buying them secondhand you can not only save money but also get an item which will be needed later on in your quest. In addition to purchasing items, in this store you can sell back, for money, items which you no longer need.

Fast Food Shop - Flere you can buy Burgers and Cola. These items can be saved and used at a later point in time when your hit points are low and a hospital is not nearby.

Exit - After you have investigated everything in a town or village, go through the exit door in order to progress to the outside world.

Roadway - This method of transportation, like a long conveyor belt, will take you directly to the Spaceport. At each Spaceport entrance there will be a Robotcop who won't let you pass unless you have a special item.

Spaceport - There are Spaceports on both Palma and Motavia. If you have a passport you can get on a spaceship and travel between worlds.

9) Dungeons, Caves and Tower Mazes - On all three worlds you will find dangerous, multilevel caves, dungeons and towers. If you dare enter these catacombs, untold treasures and priceless items await you. In addition, venture deep enough into the blackness of the caves and you could find special people or secret, hidden entrances.

The Main Characters

Helpful Hints

The ultimate goal is to find and defeat Lassic. However he is well guarded and you must gain experience and strength before trying to overthrow him.


The following shows the map of each planets: When travelling, refer to these maps.

The parts hidden by the clouds have important secrets, which you must find by yourself.




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