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Out Run 3-D

The roads in this three-dimesional thriller are full of hills and tire-screaming curves that will turn your knuckles white. Shift into high gear and overtake rival cars to get to your finish line first. The scenery's great, but lose concentration for just a split second and you could wrap your wheels around a tree. Keep your eyes on the road!

There are five different finish lines to cross in Out Run 3-D, with numerous routes to get to each of your goals. Use your tachometer, speedometer, and gear shift lever with precision driving skills. You just might live to see the finish and the roaring crowds celebrating your victory. But at 250 km per hour, there's a lot of opportunity to skid off the road, so stay razor sharp and keep all four wheels on the ground!

Taking Control

SMS control pad

Use your Control Pad to do the following:

  1. D-Button: Steers the car to the left or right. Also used to shift the car. Upward is low gear, downward is high gear.
  2. Button 1: Brakes
  3. Button 2: Throttle

Before you start

Screen Mode

screen mode selection

Out Run 3-D can be played in 2-D if you don't have SegaScope 3-D Glasses available. During the title or demonstration screens, press the pause button. A mode selection screen will appear. Select either 3-D or 2-D with the Directional Button, and then press Button 1 or 2 to return to the title screen.

Driver's Level

Skill level select

Out Run 3-D can be tailored for three skill levels (a beginner, average, or expert driver). During the demonstration screen, push Button 1 or 2 to show the title picture, which shows a skill-level menu. Use the D-Button to select a level, then press Button 1 or 2.

Background Music

Music selection

The next step is to select the background music to play from your car radio. Use the D-Button to select from the available tunes, and then press Button 1 to start the game.

Start Your Engine!

starting line

You're at the starting line. To the left you see a signal light. When the light works its way down to green, the man with the flag waves you on. Press Button 2 to accelerate and you're off!

The course is divided into five levels. You have an alloted amount of time to reach the end of each level. Near the end of each level you will reach a branch in the road. Steer your car either right or left to choose your route. If you reach the checkpoint before time runs out, you'll be awarded additional time to reach the end of the next level. The game is over when a checkpoint is not passed within the allowed time limit.

At the first level, you'll get 80 seconds to make it to the checkpoint. At each subsequent checkpoint, you'll get an additional 65 seconds added to the clock. Each level's seconds are added to any remaining time you have left, so help yourself by racking up time. If you make it to the last checkpoint, you'll be awarded bonus points, and a roaring crowd will rush out to greet you!

Screen Directions

Running across the top of the screen is information you'll need to know to help you along the course:

gear and tachometer
  1. Score:
    As you race through each scene, you'll gain points for driving well.
  2. Time:
    The seconds are always ticking down, so race to the checkpoint for additional time!
  3. Gear:
    Depending on which gear you're in, the H-High or L-Low will be lit in red to keep you informed.
  4. Speed:
    Your car's speed in kilometers per hour is displayed here.
  5. Tachometer:
    Your car will be measured by a set of blocks, which will rise and fall according to your speed-generated engine pressure.

Put the Pedal to the Metal

Pressing Button 2 opens your throttle just like the accelerator pedal of a real car. Keep it pressed down, and you'll keep speeding up. Release it, and you'll slow down.

Hit the Brakes

You can brake by pressing Button 1, but use it sparingly. Brakes can be overused and cost you important seconds in the race. Press Button 1 in a series of quick presses to slow down. By slamming on the brakes, you'll come to a dead stop, and will lose precious time regaining speed.

Shift Into High

The current status of your gears is shown at the top of the screen. L is low gear, H is high gear. To get the best acceleration, start in low gear. When your speed reaches the between 160 and 170 km/h, use your D-Button to shift into high by pressing down. If your gear remains in low, you won't be able to go any faster.

When you enter a tight curve, it sometimes helps to shift down into low, since this lets the engine brake for you. Doing this instead of using the brakes will help you regain momentum faster when you hit the straightaway again and shift back up into high.

The Course

course map

To make it to the finish line, you'll be driving a total of five levels. Scenes will change between deserts, seashores, mountains, cities, etc.

The entire course branches out like a tree. At the end of each segment, you'll come to a fork in the road. Turn right or left to choose the next road. If you pass the checkpoint in the alloted time, you'll get added time to make it to the end of the next road. In this way, you can travel many different courses on your way to the five different finish lines.

The Checkered Flag

checkered flag

When you make it to the end of the course, or if you don't make it to the end of a segment in the allowed time, the game will end and the score tallied up. A map of the course will be displayed, and a minicar will trace the path that you followed.

Know the Score

Your score is continuously added up while your car is running. The faster you go without running off the road or into other cars, the more points you'll rack up. For passing another car, you'll get an extra 20,000 points. When you cross the finish line, you'll receive bonus points equal to your remaining time multiplied by 1 million points.

The Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame screen

If your score is one of the top five, you'll get to enter your initials. Move the D-Button right or left to highlight a letter, then press either Button 1 or 2 to select it. When you select three initials, you'll return to the title picture.

Helpful Hints

See the main page for Out Run 3-D

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