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Evil has engulfed the empire. Foul creatures are ready to take the crown. One mighty warrior can stop them: Landau the Brave. Help him defeat the cruel forces of evil and save the kingdom from certain doom.

The Quest for the Crown

These are dark times for the kingdom of Baljinya. An evil band of foul creatures has murdered the king and his family. Soon, they will resurrect the corrupt and inhuman spirit of their long-dead leader, the Demon Lord Ra Goan. If they succeed, with the throne of Baljinya empty, Ra Goan will take the crown and the land will suffer in misery forever.

The Elders of Baljinya know that only a strong and brave man can hold the country against Ra Goan and his evil followers. Therefore, they have decreed that a man who can pass three daring tests will be King. The tests are:

  1. He must find the Tree of Marill, Symbol of the royal family.
  2. He must subdue the Goblin of Balala Valley.
  3. He must destroy the Statue of Evil.

You are Landau, the mighty warrior from the north. Armed with your trusty sword and bow, you go forth to stamp out the evil scourge that plagues your homeland. The road is long, and the dangers many, but if you succeed, fame and the royal crown of Baljinya will be yours! Go now, and seek the wise Wizard of Amon!

The Object

The Council of Elders has set three tasks for a warrior deserving of the crown: 1) Seek out the symbol of the royal family, the Tree of Marill. 2) Defeat the Goblin inhabiting the Balala Valley. 3) Destroy the evil stone idol.

You start out from the tiny village of Harfoot. In each town and village, you'll be able to hear valuable information and collect useful tools to aid you in your quest. As you roam the countryside, you'll encounter many hardships and difficulties. Defeat the last enemy and return to the castle. If you're crafty and accomplish the three tasks, you'll be the next king. Fail, and you doom your country to eternal peril.

Oops. Try Again.

You begin Lord of the Sword with one life. Keep track of your life meter at the top of the screen. If you touch or are attacked by an enemy, the life meter decreases. Talk to certain people in towns will replenish your life meter to full strength. When your life meter is spent, the game is over.

When you return the title screen, you have the option of starting a new game, or continuing from the beginning of the last scene you were in. You can use the CONTINUE feature up to ten times.

Taking Control

Lord of the Sword is a one-player game. Start by pushing Button 1 or Button 2. You can move through the intro screens after you have read them by again pushing either button. The game begins with Landau in the village of Harfoot.

SMS Control Pad

To Move:


Jump to the upper left. Jump straight up. Jump to the upper right.
Advance to the left.LEFT RIGHTAdvance to the right.
Kneel to the left. Kneel. Kneel to the right.

The Sword

Press Button 2 to slice in the direction you are facing. You may use your sword when standing, kneeling, or while leaping.

The Bow

To use your bow and arrow, face the direction you wish to fire and press Button 1. The arrow will be released when you release Button 1. You have an unlimited amount of arrows. You may shoot when kneeling or standing, but cannot shoot while jumping.

Tools and Treasure

Along the way, Landau will find many important items to help defeat his enemies, including magical swords and arrows. Some of the most important items include:

The Tezamu Sword:

Only a person who is pure of heart can use this magical narrow-bladed rapier. It's rumored that a brawny young man once wielded this sword, but he hasn't been seen since he went off to do battle with the evil creatures of Baljinya.

The Luna Sword:

Forged from the sharp, silvery rays of the moon, this magical sword is the most powerful in the land. It was once seen in a village some time ago, but today nobody knows where its final resting place is.

The Bow of Bravery:

By acquiring this magical bow, the shooting strength of a person will double.

The Foe Slayer Arrow:

Although it may only be legend, the Foe Slayer is said to possess unimaginable power against evil. But where can it be found?

Towns and Villages

When in a town or village, there are some houses you may enter by moving the Directional Button UP when in front of dwellings that have open doors.

Once inside, you may be able to hear bits of useful information from helpful townsfolk, or even be given magical items from powerful sages. In many houses, you may also rest and have your life meter restored.

The Castles

There are two castles in the game: Varlin Castle, and Elder Castle which lies across the ocean. To enter these castles, there are certain items which must first be found... and things which must be done! You'll learn about these as you play the game.

The Kingdom of Baljinya

In between towns and villages lie flatlands, dark forests, steep and dangerous mountains, dank smelling swamps ... land festering with evil creatures and thieves. These wild places are filled with creatures bent on your destruction!

At certain points in the game, Landau can proceed no further without first doing battle with servants of the evil Ra Goan. Defeat them, and you'll receive valuable information and items to defeat the foul Demon Lord.

The Map

When in a town or village, press the Pause Button on the Sega Power Base, and a map of Baljinya will appear on the screen. Press Pause again to return to the game.

Here's a map of the world of Lord of the Sword with all the towns and areas identified:

Map of Baljinya


On the outskirts of each screen are path signs, some pointing in several directions. These signs show you the different directions you can take. By climbing the stairs or proceeding straight ahead, you choose which direction in the kingdom to proceed. Experience and the map of Baljinya will help you learn where each road goes.

Know Thine Enemy

Below are only a few of the many evil creatures awaiting you in the land of Baljinya.


Helpful Hints

Before you do anything else in the game, seek out the Tree People for advice.

Use the map in the town and village scenes along with the map in this manual to keep track of where you are in Baljinya.

Use your bow and arrow whenever possible. Fighting hand-to-hand with creatures increases the chance of being touched and having life force drained away.

Avoid battle when it is easier to run away. Remember: The test of courage is not to die... but to live long enough to become King!

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