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Machine gun

He's done it! Jack's succeeded in stealing the enemy's new secret weapon. Now he just needs to bring it safely back to friendly territory.

But just as he started his getaway, an enemy guard spotted him! Now the enemy command is preparing to throw everything they've got at Jack to win back their secret weapon. Jack must find his way out of the enemy complex before he is hunted down!

Jack has a machine gun, missile launcher and several vehicles to get him out of this tight spot. He's a tough soldier, but even so, Jack can only sustain so much damage. He must destroy his opponents before they destroy him. But more than anything, Jack needs to escape with the secret weapon!

Take Control!

To help Jack get back to safety, learn the functions of your controls.

Directional Button (D-Button)

Button 1

Button 2

SMS Control Pad

Getting Started

After you turn the power switch ON, a series of demonstration screens will appear. Read the demonstration screens to find out about the mission or press Button 1 or 2 to open the Title screen. Press the Start Button to open the Options screen. In the Options screen, press the D-Button left or right to choose the difficulty of the game. Press Button 1 or 2 to open the Escape Map screen, then press Button 1 or 2 to begin play.

Title screen Options screen

Escape Map

An escape map is displayed before each stage. Stages already cleared are up in flames.

Escape map

Playing the Game

Jack will board jeeps, boats and helicopters as he battles his way out of enemy territory. Each type of vehicle is equipped with a machine gun and missile launcher.


The machine gun fires level shots for enemies on the ground. Missiles shoot upward from surface vehicles and downward from flying vehicles. Once they are launched, missiles can be controlled with the D-Button. Learn to use the right weapons for each type of enemy.

Escape Vehicles

  1. Jeep Jeep: Equipped with a machine gun for enemies on land and a surface-to-air missile launcher for enemies in the sky. Jeeps can jump when they drive over ramps. When they are jumping, the machine gun is effective againsts enemies in the sky. This vehicle explodes when it runs into walls.
  2. Boat Boat: Equipped with a machine gun and a surface-to-air missile launcher. Boats lose control and get damaged when they are caught in a whirlpool. They explode when they are beached.
  3. Helicopter Helicopter: Equipped with a machine gun and air-to-surface missile launcher.

Screen Signals

Map of screen
  1. Action Screen
  2. Information window
  3. High Score: Indicates the high score from the last time the power switch was turned ON.
  4. Score: Indicates your present score.
  5. Life gauge: This gauge shows Jack's remaining vitality. Vitality decreases when he is hit by enemy bullets, caught in a whirlpool, hit by a rock, etc. When this gauge becomes empty, Jack loses one life.
  6. Missiles remaining: Jack starts out with 50 missiles. This indicator counts down for every missile that Jack uses. He can get more missiles by destroying enemy cargo vehicles and picking up the missiles that are left. The same missiles can be used from any vehicle.
  7. Jack's remaining lives: When this indicates 0 and Jack's vitality reaches empty, the game is over.


Pick up enemy items by destroying their cargo vehicles.

  1. Vitality: Fills part of vitality gauge.
  2. Missiles: Adds 30 missiles to missile gauge.
Extra vitality Extra missiles

Escape Instructions

Stage 1

Objective: Escape enemy base!

Caution: Foot soldiers and jeeps will attack. Beware of a shielded soldier at the fortress exit. Outside of fortress, watch for grenade throwing soldiers. Beware of big tank near the jungle entrance.

Note: Cannon shots are powerful. You may sustain damage even if you do not get hit directly.

Machine-gun soldier50 points
Hand grenade soldier50 points
Shielded soldier500 points
Battery200 points
Jeep100 points
Big tank2,000 points
Stage 1: Enemy fortress

Stage 2

Objective: Jump over rivers to traverse jungle!

Caution: Grenade throwing soldiers and helicopters will attack. Rivers in the jungle do not have bridges. You must use the ramps to jump across. Beware of the giant helicopter and parachute battery.

Note: Make sure you keep enough missiles to face the giant helicopter.

Supply truck300 points
Helicopter A250 points
Parachute battery100 points
Transport helicopter4,000 points
Stage 2: Jungle

Stage 3

Objective: Take a boat down river and beware of whirlpools!

Caution: You will lose control if you get caught in whirlpools. Watch out for attacks by frogmen. Do your best to avoid floating mines and falling bridges. You will be vulnerable to air raids. You will have to sink a battle ship and a submarine to reach the next stage of your mission.

Note: Those frogmen are pesky. Shoot them when they come to the surface.

Helicopter B300 points
Frogman50 points
Attack boat100 points
Supply ship300 points
Bridge0 points
Dive bomber400 points
Floating mine0 points
Battle ship2,000 points
River submarine5,000 points
Stage 3: River

Stage 4

Objective: Drive through canyon!

Caution: Unfortunately, the canyon is the only way back to safety. You will be attacked by jeeps from behind and the enemy will drop boulders from top of the cliffs. You will be faced with a large bomber at the end of the canyon.

Note: Take out as many batteries as you can with your missiles. They can distract you from other enemies.

Bazooka soldier100 points
Falling rock0 points
Battery B200 points
Bomber2,000 points
Jumbo bomber6,000 points
Stage 4: Canyon

Stage 5

Objective: Steal enemy helicopter and cross desert!

Caution: If you make it this far, the enemy will be pretty desperate to shoot you down. Watch out for surface-to-air fire. Pay special attention to their homing missile launchers. You will also encounter jet fighters.

Note: Don't pay so much attention to ground fire that you forget to avoid homing missiles. Remember that air pockets will move you faster in some sections.

Helicopter C350 points
Supply cargo plane300 points
Tank350 points
Gun mount300 points
Fighter A450 points
Anti-air missile battery400 points
Battery D300 points
Battery E500 points
Air fortress:
Cockpit3,000 points
Missile launcher500 points
Gun mount300 points
Engine200 points
Stage 5: Desert

Stage 6

Objective: Destroy enemy fortress!

Caution: You are near the last enemy fortress. Beware of enemy bombs from the jungle. You will have an opportunity to destroy enemy supply trains here. Do so whenever possible. If you can destroy this fortress, you will be home free but the enemy will put everything they have into a last ditch effort.

Note: Good luck!

Guerilla150 points
Battery F350 points
Helicopter D400 points
Fighter B500 points
Fighter C500 points
Train500 points per car
Fighter D500 points
Moving battery400 points
Mini fighter200 points
Gun mount300 points
Missile500 points
Laser Gun1,000 points
Control tower10,000 points
Stage 6: Enemy fortress

End of Game

Jack is a good soldier. Sometimes he plays dead to put the enemy off guard. The first two times he dies, he is only faking it. The third time, he is really dead. When Jack's life gauge reaches empty and he has no remaining lives, the game is over. When Jack clears all 6 stages, his mission is complete.


When the game is over, the Continue/End screen appears. Press the D-Button up or down to choose between Continue and End. Press Button 1 to enter your choice. You may continue up to 3 times. When the game is finished for good, the screen will only display the words "Game Over."

Continue/End screen


When you clear a stage, a score screen will appear. Total Hits shows how many enemies you destroyed and the percentage of possible enemies that you destroyed in the round. Bonus shows the percentage of enemies destroyed times 100. Life Bonus shows the extra points for remaining vitality.

Score screen at the end of Round 1

3-D Glasses

You can enjoy 3-D video play with Line of Fire by wearing Sega 3-D Glasses and initializing Line of Fire for the 3-D mode. Set up the glasses as described in the glasses manual. Initialize the game for 3-D mode by pressing Buttons 1 and 2 down firmly while you turn the power switch ON. Once power is ON, follow the instructions for normal play.

Helpful Hints

See the main page for Line of Fire

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