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Pleasant Dreams...?

The weather was cold and stormy, but Mickey Mouse didn't mind. It was the perfect time to relax on his easy chair with his favourite book. But the patter of the rain on the roof was such a soothing sound... Mickey soon fell fast asleep with a copy of ''The World's Best Fairy Tales'' lying open on his lap.

Mickey asleep with his book

When he opened his eyes, he discovered everything around him had changed. Instead of his living room, Mickey found himself looking at a village. Everything looked like it had come straight out of a fairy tale... a scary one. All the trees and bushes were bare, with black, twisted branches. The sky was filled with dark, ominous clouds the flickered with lightning. Strange, shadowy things seemed to be lurking around the cottages.

Suddenly, Mickey heard a scream, and he turned to find a village girl being carried off by an evil-looking monster!

Mickey rushed to the rescue, and knocked the monster out. He helped the girl to her feet. "Are you all right?" he asked.

"Yes. Thank you so much," she gasped, still out of breath.

"What's going on here?" Mickey asked.

The girl told him the story of an evil phantom that had stolen the magic crystal that protects the village. With the crystal gone, all that was good had been stolen away, leaving the village a dismal, gloomy place. Many had tried to get the crystal back, but so far, none had succeeded.

"I have to help them! I'll get the crystal back – I know I can!"

The girl gave him as much advice as she could, and Mickey started off in search of the Phantom and the crystal. He – and you – are the village's last hope!

Take Control!

Directional Button (D-Button)

Button 1

SMS Control Pad

Button 2

Special Commands

Picking up and Throwing Things

Use the D-Button to move Mickey up to the object you want him to pick up, then press Button 1. Mickey will pick the object up and carry it with him when you press the D-Button left or right.

Press Button 1 again to make Mickey throw whatever he's holding.

Picking up an object Throwing an object

Press Button 2 to make Mickey jump, then press Button 1 to make him throw the object at the peak of his jump.

Note: Mickey can only pick up one object at a time.

Bounce Attack

Press Button 2 to make Mickey jump. When he's in midair above an enemy or obstacle, press Button 1. Mickey will continue to bounce as long as you hold down Button 2, and as long as there's an enemy or or obstacle to bounce on.

Bounce attack

Sliding Down Slopes

When Mickey's standing on a slope, press Button 2 to jump. When Mickey's in midair, press Button 1. When Mickey lands, he'll start to slide.

Sliding down a slope

Getting Started

Read the story screen to see how Mickey got into his predicament, then press Button 1 to begin. A map will appear, showing Mickey standing in the village. Press Button 2 for an additional explanation from the village girl.

Press Button 1, and the map screen returns. Press the D-Button left to move Mickey to his first stop (the Forest) and press Button 2 to begin play.

Map screen

How's Mickey Doing?

Map of screen information
  1. Power Gauge: Whenever Mickey touches an enemy or runs into a dangerous obstacle, one of the stars on this gauge disappears. When all of the stars are gone, Mickey loses a Try. Mickey can restore his power by picking up certain items. Mickey starts with two power stars, but he can collect up to five.
  2. Tries: Mickey starts out with three Tries. When this gauge reads zero, the game ends. Mickey can get extra Tries with each 10,000 points scored, or by picking up certain items.
  3. Score: Score points by defeating enemies, picking up items, and getting through each Stage in the shortest time.
  4. Time: If you don't reach the end of a Stage before the timer reads zero, Mickey loses a Try.

Air: This gauge appears whenever Mickey goes into water. When this gauge runs out, Mickey loses one Try. Be sure to bring Mickey to the surface for a deep breath of air whenever you can.

Screen shot showing Air Gauge


You can stop the timer and pause the game by pressing the Pause Button on the Master System console. Return to play by pressing the Pause Button, Button 1 or Button 2.


Here are some things that can help you along in your quest.


This changes colour when Mickey passes it, and marks his progress. If Mickey loses a try while on the same level, he will begin his next Try at the last arrow he passed.


Barrels and Bricks

Use these to knock out enemies, to climb on, or to weigh down switches. They can be stacked, and they won't break when they're thrown. However, they can be destroyed by one of Mickey's Bounce Attacks.

Barrel and Brick


Bounces Mickey up to high places. Jump on it a couple of times to gain extra height. Springs can be picked up and carried to where they'll come in handy.



Throw this item at a locked place to unlock it.



Use this to light up dark places, to knock out enemies or to climb on.



These are good for bopping enemies with; however, they can only be used once, as they crumble when they hit anything. If a block is moving, it's dangerous! Use Mickey's Bounce Attack to make it freeze, then use it like a normal block.



When Mickey jumps on these, they cause certain things to happen. Buttons work only as long as they're being pressed down.



These items have upward-pointing arrows on them. To turn on a switch, have Mickey walk up to it and press Button 1 (just as if he were picking up an object). The arrow will then point down. If you need to turn the switch off, simply have Mickey jump on it.



As you search for the Phantom and the crystal, you'll find special items hidden in each level. Some are hidden in treasure chests, which you can break open by throwing them or by using Mickey's Bounce Attack. Some of the goodies you'll find include:


Fills 2 power stars on Mickey's Power Gauge.


Piece of Cake

Fills 1 power star on Mickey's Power Gauge.

Piece of cake

Large Coin

Adds 2,000 points to your score.

Large coin

Small Coin

Adds 500 points to your score.

Small coin

Mouse Ears

Gives you an extra Try!

Mouse ears


Adds a star to Mickey's Power Gauge. If you pick up a Star while Mickey's Power Gauge has five stars, you'll get an extra Try!

Power star

Special Key

This key unlocks the door to the end of each stage.

Special key

Mickey's Magic

There are certain items that you'll need to complete the game. Each time you complete a stage, you'll receive clues as to where to find those items.

Magic Flute

Allows Mickey to return to the Map screen from any stage he has already cleared. To use the Magic Flute, press the Pause Button on the Master System console. You will be asked whether or not you wish to use the Magic Flute. Select Yes by pressing the D-Button left or right, then press Button 1, Button 2 or the Pause Button.

Magic Flute

Shrinking Potion

Allows Mickey to shrink in size. To make Mickey shrink, press Button 1 while pressing the D-Button down. Do this again to change Mickey back to normal size.

Note: While Mickey is tiny, he won't be able to climb walls, pick up objects or use his Bounce Attack.

Shrinking potion


Allows Mickey to climb almost any surface. Use the D-Button to approach the surface. When Mickey grabs it, press the D-Button up to climb.


Cloud Shoes

Allow Mickey to walk on clouds without falling.

Cloud shoes

Magic Bean

When planted in just the right spot, this grows into a giant beanstalk that leads to the Phantom's castle!

Magic bean

The Path to the Crystal

Fourteen stages lie between the gloomy village and the stolen crystal. Mickey must go through each stage and collect advice and Magic items to help him along the way.

After Mickey finishes each stage, you'll return to the Map screen to see his progress. The item box in the upper right corner shows the Magic Items Mickey has collected so far. Press Button 1 to see your score and how many tries Mickey has left in the game. Then press the D-Button to move Mickey to the next stage, and press Button 2 to begin play.

Forest stage

Forest Stage

Snakes and spiders attack you as you run through the enchanted forest and climb a giant tree. Whirlwinds can be a nuisance, but they can help, too.

Lake stage

Lake Stage

Treasure chests await you at the bottom of the lake, but so do hungry fish! The currents can be strong, so grab a vine and hang on until they calm down. Be sure to come up for air!

Blacksmith's castle stage

Blacksmith's Castle Stage

Race the flames from the Blacksmith's fireplace, grabbing goodies along the way – if you can. Angry dragons blow flames at you, and pools of molten metal really heat things up!

Castle Ruins Stage

Castle Ruins Stage

Bats flap at you from among broken columns, and even the rocks are alive! Don't get crushed!

Tiny cavern stage

Tiny Cavern Stage

Wander through a dark maze of underground tunnels. Spiders and roly-polies lurk in hidden corners, and there are some spots only a tiny mouse can get through.

Flower field stage

Flower Field Stage

Romp through the roses, but watch for the thorns! Buzzing bees and inching inchworms may not like your intrusion. Bounce on blooms for secret treasures.

Toy workshop stage

Toy Workshop Stage

The toys have gone crazy! Hurl barrels and oranges at toy cannons, ride on giant water guns, and try a few card tricks. Dance on piano keys, but watch out for the notes! Hope onto a yo-yo and race up to a higher level. There's a lot to explore, but it's easy to get lost here.

Palace Ruins Stage

Palace Ruins Stage

Ghosts and jack o' lanterns haunt this dark and spooky place. Pick up a lamp to light things up. Buttons and secret passages can be helpful if it looks like Mickey's in a pinch.

Craggy Cliffs stage

Craggy Cliffs Stage

Vultures and rolling boulders make climbing tricky – trap them and continue your journey. It will take careful timing to get through the tunnels winding through the cliffs.

Desert stage

Desert Stage

Slide down sand dunes, turning up a few rattlesnakes along the way. Dodge cactus creatures and diving vultures as you search for the entrance to the pyramid. But once inside, be on the lookout for secret passages and dangerous traps!

Good Princess's castle stage

Good Princess's Castle Stage

The castle has been invaded by hordes of the Phantom's horrible monsters, and they're all waiting for Mickey!

Sand castle stage

Sand Castle Stage

Take a walk through a giant hourglass. Hop over the shifting sand to keep from sinking and avoid the crabs snapping at Mickey's heels.

Island stage

Island Stage

In order to reach the Phantom's Castle, Mickey has arrived on this island to do a little gardening. If he's successful, he has a long and dangerous climb ahead...

The Phantom's Castle

You've made it! Now's your chance to claim the crystal and bring it back to the village. But the Phantom knows you're coming, and has sent armies of enemies, and set plenty of tricky traps. Good luck, Mickey!

Game Over/Continue

The game ends when Mickey runs out of Tries. You will then have the choice of continuing the game at the beginning of the stage where you left off, or starting a new game. Make your choice by pressing the D-Button up or down, and press Button 2 to begin your game. There is no limit to the number of continues you can use.

Game Over/Continue screen

If you choose to continue a game, you'll retain all your magic items and power stars. Your score will be reset to zero.

Hero's Hints

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