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Ghosts, Ghosts. And more ghosts. They've decided to come out in full force. And they've picked your city to show their stuff in. So who you gonna call?

Setting up the Game

  1. Push BUTTON 1
  2. Use the ARROWS to select either
  3. Push BUTTON 1 again

Selecting NEW GAME START - Use this selection for your very first game. Or when you wish to enter new intials.

To enter your initials, use the ARROWS to position the cursor, then press BUTTON 1. Do this twice. Once for each letter of your initials.


Selecting CONTINUE START - Select this when you already have a bank account with money in it. First enter your initials as described above. Then enter your account number in the same way you entered your initials.


What's Happening

Busting ghosts is tough. You have to have the right wheels, the right tools, and a heck of a lot of nerve. That's why they've picked you to run the business.

You'll start out with $10,000 in your bank account. You'll have to use part of this money to purchase all the things you'll need.

Then, you'll be given a map of the city. Whenever ghosts enter one of the buildings, the building will blink. And you'll have to make tracks to get there as fast as you can.

Once you reach the building, you'll use your Ion Beams to trap the ghosts. When you get all of them, the scene returns to the map and you start looking for ghosts all over again.

Sometimes you'll have to return to headquarters. To pick up a new man. To recharge your Ion Beam. Or to empty your ghost traps.

When the Marshmallow Man enters the scene, you'll have to drop everything and confront this monstrous mess. Sneak your men past him to enter the temple of Zule.

Once you've entered Zule, you'll have to climb the stairs – attacking Roamers as you go – and try to make it to the top.

There, at the top of Zule, you'll have one last assignment. Destroy Gorza.

With Gorza's power depleted, the rest of the ghosts will also be powerless. The city will return to normal. And your name will go down as one of the city's greatest heroes.

Taking Control

The following illustration shows you the control points on your SEGA SYSTEM control pad. Throughout this instruction book we will refer to these controls by the names indicated in this illustration.


Money, Money, Money.

Busting ghosts is big business. And, like any big business, it requires big bucks.

At the beginning of the game you can borrow up to $10,000 - to use for purchasing cars and equipment. You'll be given your own bank account. And every time you bust a ghost, money will be added to your account.

Remember to write down your account number. You'll need it the next time you start a new game.

Who's Who

You're a Ghostbuster. Armed with a souped-up car, special ghostbusting equipment and lightning reflexes.


And you're after those ghosts. Who are armed with flying dishes, slime, laser beams, and the ability to become invisible at will. Here's who's who in the world of ghosts:



They like to hit the streets. And throw dishes.



A result of all the ghosts pooling their efforts. To make one gargantuan monster.



Friends of the ROAMERS. But a lot faster.



This one has the key to Zule.



This one takes care of things back at Zule.



This one's in charge of all of them. Armed with deadly laser beams, he's more dangerous than any of them.

What's What

Good ghostbusters must be familiar with the tools of the trade. And they must know which equipment is the most important to obtain when funds are limited.

Here's what you can buy with your hard-earned money. But remember, fancy equipment is no substitute for a quick eye and a steady hand.


ECONOMY – Holds up to six tools. Very light. Slips a long way when hit. $2,000

HEARSE – Holds up to nine tools. Medium weight. Slips some when hit. $4,800

COMMON – Holds up to eleven tools. Heavy. Only slips a little when hit. $6,000

SPORTS – Holds up to eight tools. Very heavy. Hardly slips at all when hit. $12,000

How to choose your car.

  1. Using the ARROW CONTROLLER, point to the car you want.
  2. Press BUTTON 1 or 2 to make your final selection.

How to drive your car.



PK ENERGY DETECTOR – Lets you know ahead of time when a building you're near is going to be hit by ghosts. The color of the building will change to purple. $400

MARSHMALLOW SENSOR – Tells you if the Marshmallow Man is coming to a building near you by changing the color of the building to white. $800

IMAGE INTENSIFIER – Ghost images become clearer. $800

SUPER PK ENERGY DETECTOR – Works just like the regular PK ENERGY DETECTOR, only better. Because it works for the entire city. No matter where you are. $1,200

SUPER MARSHMALLOW SENSOR – Works just like the regular MARSHMALLOW SENSOR. Except that you don't have to be near the building. $2,000

GHOST VACUUM – Use this to scarf up stray ghosts while you're driving. $600

GHOST BAIT – Use it to attract ghosts to your area. And to prevent them from uniting to form a Marshmallow Man. The good thing about this stuff is that you can use it over and over – up to five times. $400

GHOST TRAP – You can use this to capture ghosts. Then you've got to take it back to headquarters to empty it. $500

HIGH CAPACITY TRAP – Works just like the regular GHOST TRAP. But you can capture three times as many ghosts before you have to empty it. $2,500

LASER CONFINEMENT SYSTEM – With this handy little item you don't have to keep running back to headquarters every time you fill your traps. The ghosts will automatically enter LASER CONFINEMENT and your traps will be perpetually empty. $8,000

SUPER ION BEAM – This makes your ghost-killing Ion Beams last a lot longer. $3,000

GHOST PARALYSIS SYSTEM – Use this to slow the ghosts down. $3,500

TURBO CHARGER – Because this makes your car run faster, you can get to the scene of the crime much faster. $4,500

SUPER GHOST VACUUM – A souped-up version of the regular GHOST VACUUM. $3,200

DEFENSIVE WALL – This is a great item for dire emergencies. Place it in the middle of the road to keep ghosts, gatekeepers and key masters from passing through. But use it wisely. Because it only works once in each game. $1,500

How to choose your equipment.

  1. Using the ARROW CONTROLLER, move the forklift to the tool you want.
  2. Press BUTTON 1 to put the tool on the forklift.
  3. Using the ARROW CONTROLLER again, move the forklift back to your car.
  4. Press BUTTON 1 again to move the tool from the forklift into your car.
  5. Repeat the above sequence to choose another tool.
  6. When you are finished selecting all your tools, press BUTTON 2 to start the game.


How to use your equipment.

Press BUTTON 2.

The Shop

In the portion of the map, you'll notice THE SHOP. It's always open. So if you wish to purchase any equipment mid-game, just go to THE SHOP.


GHQ (Ghostbusters Headquarters)

From time to time throughout the course of the game, you'll need to return to Ghostbusters Headquarters. You'll find it in the lower left-hand portion of the map.

Return to GHQ when:

PK Energy Level Meter

As more and more ghosts infiltrate the city, they raise the level of PK (Psycho-Kinetic) energy. So keep an eye on the PK ENERGY LEVEL METER (located in the upper left-hand section of the screen). It will give you a good idea of who's winning. You or the ghosts.

As the PK energy goes up, the meter will change from blue to yellow to red. The following events cause the PK level to increase:

Four Games In One

GHOSTBUSTERS is actually four games in one. Each one requires a little different strategy. Slightly different skills. And a thorough knowledge of your controller.

1. Search & Destroy

Search your map for blinking buildings. When you see one, head for it.

Once you get to the building:

  1. Place the player in front of the building.
  2. Press the UP ARROW.
  3. Press BUTTONS 1 and 2 to get both ghostbusters out of the car.

Attach:Ghostbusters-SMS-US-street.png Attach:Ghostbusters-SMS-US-game.png

Busting Ghosts

  1. Use the ARROWS to position the ghostbusters.
  2. Press BUTTON 2 to shoot the Ion Beams.
  3. Try to trap the ghosts in between the two Ion Beams.
  4. Then press BUTTON 2 again to catch them.NOTE: When you've trapped all the ghosts in the building, the scene will return to the map.

2. Sneaking Past The MARSHMALLOW MAN

If you have more than $10,000 at the time the PK energy meter turns to red, you'll go on to confront the Marshmallow Man.

In order to get into the temple of Zule, you'll need to sneak at least two out of three ghostbusters past this gargantuan guard. Here's how to do it.


Using all eight positions of the ARROW CONTROLLER, maneuver your men, one by one, past the Marshmallow Man.

NOTE: Don't try to go through his legs. It's impossible. Go for the sides instead.

3. Climbing The Stairs Of ZULE

The stairs leading up to Zule are infested with nasty ROAMERS. They'll try to slime you. And even throw plates at you. Don't let them.

If you get even one of your players to the top of the stairs, you'll be able to go on to confront Gorza.


To move your players:

Use all eight positions on the ARROW CONTROLLER.

To shoot ghosts with your Super Ion Beam:

  1. Press BUTTON 1 for diagonal shots.
  2. Press BUTTON 2 for side shots.

4. Destroying GORZA

Congratulations! You've made it to the last leg of the job. Now all you have to do is destroy Gorza. Which is easier said than done. Here's how to do it:


  1. Use the ARROWS to move your ghostbuster.
  2. Use BUTTONS 1 and 2 to shoot your Super Ion Beams.

Oops. Try Again.

In each of the above sections of the game, the rules for ending the game are a little different.

In the 1st Part – The game is over when the PK ENERGY METER turns red and you don't have more than $10,000 in your account.

In the 2nd Part – The game is over when two ghostbusters have been touched by the Marshmallow Man.

In the 3rd Part – The game is over when three ghostbusters are touched by ROAMERS or SLIMERS or hit by flying plates.

In the 4th Part – the game is over when all three ghostbusters have been killed. This can happen in any of the following ways:

Know The Score

In GHOSTBUSTERS, your "score" is added to – or subtracted from – your bank account. Here's how it works:

Money added to your account:

When you prevent ghosts from transforming into a Marshmallow Man
When you vacuum up a ROAMER

Money subtracted from your account:

While you are touching the Gatekeeper and the Master of the Key
$10 per time unit.
When your car slips all the way back
When the Marshmallow Man attacks a building
When you purchase an item from THE SHOP
$400 - $8,000

(See Car and Equipment, page 8.)

Helpful Hints

See the main page for Ghostbusters

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