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Loading Instructions: Starting Up

  1. Make sure the power switch is OFF.
  2. Insert the FANTASY ZONE™: THE MAZE cartridge in the Power Base (shown below) as described in your SEGA SYSTEM™ manual.
  3. Turn the power switch ON. If nothing appears on the screen, turn the power switch OFF, remove the cartridge and try insertion again.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure the Power Base is turned OFF when inserting or removing your Sega Card/Cartridge™

For 1 Player : Push Button 1 to START game.

For 2 Players : Push Button 1 or 2 on Control Pad 2 to START game.

What’s Happened:

Far far away in a distant galaxy there exists a race of pure evil. They are known as Menons. Their worlds are dying and they are looking for a new planetary system to conquer and colonize.

Two years ago the Menons came to the Fantasy Zone solar system and started to take over all of the planets. One warrior, called Opa-Opa, singlehandedly defeated all of the Menons on each of the 8 worlds. Peace was restored. For a while.

One year ago the second attack fleet of Menons came to the Fantasy Zone and again Opa-Opa was called on to save the peaceful planets. Opa-Opa valiantly drove the Menons back to their galaxy and saved the Fantasy Zone from total destruction.

The Story Continues:

Twice Opa-Opa defeated the Menons. He is a hero but he has paid a great price. The long and hard battles have drained much of his energy. Opa-Opa needs help! But no one is brave enough to volunteer to come to his aid. That is, except for his younger brother Upa-Upa.

Go now on a mission and help Upa-Upa gain the wisdom and knowledge he needs to help his older brother in the ongoing battle with the evil Menons.



Your Mission:

The Menons have built special mazes on 7 of the Fantasy Zone planets. You, as Opa-Opa (or Upa-Upa in a 2 person simultaneous game) must successfully eliminate all of the Menons in the maze. Coins are scattered along the paths and you must pick up the money in order to be able to buy helpful Power-Up weapons for extra strength.

There are 7 planets. On each planet there are 3 mazes plus a bonus screen. The planets are:

PLALEAF (The Green Planet)
TABAS (The Sun Planet)
LA DUNE (The Sand Planet)
DOLIMICCA (The Super Planet)
POLARIA (The Ice Planet)
MOCKSTAR (The Cloud Planet)
POCARIUS (The Water Planet)

Taking Control


Button 1 and 2

Getting Started

When the title screen appears, choose whether you want to play either a 1 person or a 2 person game. Press Button 1 on Control Pad 1 for a 1 Player game. Press Button 1 on Control Pad 2 for a 2 player game.

In a 1 person game, press either Button 1 or Button 2 on Control Pad 1. You will be Opa-Opa.

If there are 2 players, both will play simultaneously. Player 1 will be Opa-Opa and Player 2 will be Upa-Upa. To start, press either Button 1 or Button 2 on Control Pad 2.

After pressing START, a new screen will appear. Here you can select the world you will want to start on. Do this by moving the D-Button on Control Pad #1. After selecting the world, press either button on Control Pad 1.

After selecting the planet to train on, the player(s) will have a quick tour of that world. You will stop and a window will appear in the center of the screen. In this window you will see:

The screen then switches to the first maze.

Game Object:

In order to clear a round you must collect all of the various sized coins on the screen without getting hit by one of the Menons.

As you pass over the coins they are added to your money account.

In addition to the coins other items will appear in the maze:

Upgrading Your Weapons

You will start each round without any weapons. As you accumulate your money, round circles will appear in various random places on the screen. One of the Power-Up weapons which was displayed in the beginning of the round will appear in this circle. If you pass over this circle when it has a Power-Up part in it, and if you have enough money in your account, you will get the weapon and the amount will be deducted from your account.


TWIN SHOT: Two parallel horizontal shots fired at the same time.
WIDE BEAM: A shot in the shape of a halfcircle. Covers a lot of area and is quite deadly.
LASER BEAM: A very powerful shot. It cuts right through the enemy and keeps on going.
FIRE BOMB: A bomb which travels horizontally and blows up the enemy in one blast.
HEAVY BOMB: When dropped it falls straight down in a vertical direction on top of any enemy in its path.
BIG WING: Adds extra speed to your player. Can outrun the enemy.
TOP POWER: Your player becomes invincible and unable to be killed for a short while.

Know Your Enemy

Master Hole

The enemy consists of three parts: a master hole, mobile bases and soldiers. Taking the shape of a circle, the master hole will appear near the center of the screen in the beginning of the round. Keep an eye on this hole as it controls the number and type of enemy that will appear on the screen. The hole starts with a low supply of energy but it will start to increase. As it increases, it slowly turns from black to red in color. You must keep it from becoming fully charged. You do this by touching it. To help you out special signs will appear on the screen.

TOUCH THIS SPOTAs the hole becomes half red the sign "Touch This Spot" appears above the hole. Start moving towards the hole.
HURRY UP!As the hole approaches its fully charged state a "Hurry Up" message appears. This is your last warning! Touch the hole before it sends out a special Plasma Wave transmission to its Mobile Bases.

Mobile Bases: From the master hole comes the fleet of Mobile Bases. These super ships travel throughout the maze and must be avoided, as just touching them will kill you.

1. Dorarin

2. Paipu

3. Patron

4. Doringa

5. Pacara

6. Parunga

7. Roringa

Inside each Mobile Base is a fleet of Menon Soldiers. If you do not touch the master hole in time it will send out a Plasma Wave signal to the Mobile Bases which will open the doors and release the soldiers.

Menon Soldiers

There are different types of Menon Soldiers. Each type of soldier has his own personality. Some will chase you until they catch you. Others will give up and turn around. Knowing what each will do should help you decide your tactics. The various soldiers which exist in the game are:









M. F. (Mechanical Fish)












Know The Score

Mobile Bases
200 points
Menon Soldiers
100 points

It’s Bonus Time!

There are two times when you get bonus points.

After you successfully clear a round of all enemy Menons, a special screen appears and tells you the amount of time you took to finish the round. The faster you clear a round the more bonus points you will get. Try to finish the round in less than 20 seconds!

After clearing 3 rounds of Menons, it's time for a round of coin collecting without any enemy to slow you down. In this round you get 20 seconds to collect all the coins you can carry. But it's not easy.

Just before you start, you briefly see where the coins are in the maze. Then all of a sudden the maze disappears! All you can see is a short distance around you.

The End

You start the game with 4 lives. Every time you touch a Mobile Base or a soldier you lose a life. The game is over when you lose all your lives. Special Extra Life 1-Up items will appear at certain times. Can you find them?

Helpful Hints



Handling The Mega Cartridge™

90-Day Limited Warranty Sega® Card/Cartridge

To validate the following 90-day limited warranty, your sales slip or proof of purchase should be retained at time of purchase and presented at time of warranty claim.

90-Day Limited Warranty

Sega of America, Inc. warrants to the original consumer purchaser that this Sega Card™ /Cartridge™ shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. If defect covered by this warranty occurs during this 90-day warranty period, Sega will repair or replace the defective card/cartridge, at its option, free of charge.

This warranty does not apply if the defects have been caused by negligence, accident, unreasonable use, modification, tampering or any other causes not related to defective materials or workmanship.

To receive fast, reliable service, call the Sega Customer Service Department at the following numbers:

Outside California
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Our Customer Service Department is in operation from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday. Do not return your Sega Card/Cartridge to your retail seller.

Sega's service center is located at the following address:

Sega of America, Inc.
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South San Francisco, CA 94080

Limitations On Warranty

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