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Loading Instructions: Starting Up

  1. . Make sure the power switch is OFF.
  2. Insert the FANTASY ZONE II™ cartridge in the Power Base (shown below) by following instructions in your SEGA SYSTEM™ manual.
  3. Turn the power switch ON. If nothing appears on screen, recheck insertion.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure the Power Base is turned OFF when inserting or removing your Sega Card/Cartridge™.

For 1 Player Only: Press Button 1 or 2 on Player 1's Control Pad.

The Fantasy Zone Continues

It's been ten years since Opa-Opa returned to his homeland and now he's back. But it's not the same place he left behind.

A group of Blackhearts have joined forces to take over today's Fantasy Zone and Opa-Opa must defend the city gates once again and save his crazy kaleidoscope of creatures from the brink of disaster.

You'll have several interconnected warp gates to enter before you can reach and destroy the Blackhearts. So plan for a long and difficult battle of wits and strength. And remember, "look but don't touch," these critters are dangerous.

How to Use Controls

Before you begin playing, orient yourself with the movements and functions each button prompts.

Individual Functions:

Each button on the Control Pad prompts its own critical moves.

Your Directional Button (D-Button):

Button 1:

Button 2:

Directional Button Functions:

Depending on which directions you want to move towards, press your D-button in one of the eight directional points for Opa-Opa to follow.

When you're ready to visit the Shop, use your D-Button once inside this screen to move across the items until you've made your selection. Then, use Button 1 or 2 to execute your decision.

When you're visiting Parts, use your D-Button to rotate the items until you've made your selection. Then, press Button 1 or 2 to exit. Your part will be awarded to you automatically.

Button 1 and Button 2:

Shooting with Button 1 and bombing with Button 2 is self-explanatory. By pressing the buttons, the action will occur. Rapid fire, however, will only effect shooting. So, press and hold Button 1 to repeatedly fire bullets.

Use Button 1 or 2 to select items from the Shop screen. Use Button 1 or 2 to exit from the Parts screen.

Take Control

Before you begin your journey, the following will guide you through the game rules and regulations.

Life Symbols:

Opa-Opa starts each game with three lives which are illustrated by two Opa-Opa ships in the upper left corner of the screen and by the Opa-Opa ship currently activated in game play.

These ships will remind you of Opa-Opa's life status and symbolize your chances for winning.

Power Meter:

Located in the center upper screen is Opa-Opa's Power Meter. This indicates how strong Opa-Opa is and measures the amount of damage he receives from enemy fire.

Progress of game:

There are a total of eight rounds to beat before you've won the game. You will be advanced to the end of each round after you've passed through a series of scenes. Each round is composed of a number of scenes. However, the finale of each round is always the same:

(4) BOW BOW5

Warp Gates:

The individual rounds and scenes are connected by Warp Gates which Opa-Opa must pass through. The gates differ from scene to scene and round to round. Each require different conditions for passage.

Now Make Your Move

It is impossible to defend Fantasy Zone with Opa-Opa's physical ability alone. You'll need to improve your skills with various equipment and weapons. And since your enemy will become increasingly powerful, it's wise to save up for big buys later.

Here's where and how to get money and equipment.

Currency and Gold Coins:

The enemy has stashed away hordes of riches in secret hiding places which will serve you well when you find it. It is part of your mission to win these monies.

In the top portion of the screen is a value gauge which will illustrate in dollars how much money you've collected.


If you're ready to go shopping, first enter the Shop cloud on the screen and you'll find yourself inside.

You can move the hand symbol up, down, right and left by pressing the D-Button in those directions. Position the hand symbol next to the item of your choice and then press Button 1 or 2 to make your selection.


When you enter the Parts selection screen you can only use your D-Button to select items. Parts are separated into three groups:

You can buy as many parts as possible, but you're only allowed to buy one part pertaining to one function during a single visit. For example:

Destroy Blackhearts:

For every Blackheart, there's a specific destruction mode. And no matter how many times you're able to hit any one of them, they will not be defeated unless you make contact with their individual weakness.

Know The Score:

Scoring is based on the points you earn when you destroy an enemy base, creature or Blackheart.

Now to destroy the enemies you must keep in mind the two categories. Some enemies are groups and some are individuals. To earn points and win their coins or currency you need to destroy all of them, whether it’s one body or ten.

Enemies like a base are capable of awarding a warp gate or money. It just depends when you destroy them what you'll earn.

The values for enemies are as follows:

100 points
Enemy Base
1,000 points
10,000 points

The monies they drop are worth:

Big Coins
200 dollars
500 dollars
Small Coins
50 dollars

Hidden Shops

Hidden Shops are available to let you buy extra special parts and items to make winning possible.

They are located in rounds 3, 5 and 6. And here's how to discover them:

Parts And Items Chart

Below you'll find a brief description and price for every item and part available to you in the Shop and Hidden Shop.

Speed Parts:

BIG WINGS will increase speed slightly.$800
NORMAL ENGINE will increase speed.$2,000
JET ENGINE will increase speed considerably.$5,000
TURBO ENGINE will increase speed dramatically.$10,000
ROCKET ENGINE will increase speed drastically.$30,000
LASER BEAM equal to launching 16 bullets per second.$1,600. Price will increase by $1,000 for each additional purchase.
WIDE BEAM wide shooting range.$2,000. Price will increase by $1,200 for each additional purchase.
BIG SHOT twice the power of a twin shot.$5,000. Price will increase by $2,500 for each additional purchase.
3-WAY SHOT fires bullets simultaneously in 3 directions.$2,500. Price will increase by $2,000 for each additional purchase.
7-WAY SHOT fires bullets simultaneously in 7 directions.$4,000. Price will increase by $4,000 for each additional purchase.
FIREBALL will annihilate the enemy in one blast.$5,000. Price will increase by $4,000 for each additional purchase.
TWIN BOMBS drops two single bombs in succession.$1,200. Price will increase by $1,500 for each additional purchase.
BIG BOMB power of two single bombs.$2,000. Price will increase by $1,000 for each additional purchase.
TWIN BIG BOMBS power of two Big Bombs.$4,800. Price will increase by $2,000 for each additional purchase.
SMART BOMB will damage enemy.$2,000. Price will increase by $1,000 for each additional purchase.
FIRE BOMB will annihilate every enemy in one line in one blast.$2,000. Price will increase by $1,000 for each additional purchase.
HEAVY BOMB will annihilate all enemies beneath you.$2,000. Price will increase by $1,000 for each additional purchase.
CONTINUE used once to continue past Game Over.$20,000
EXTRA SHIP will increase number of ships.$5,000 - 1st $20,000 - 2nd $50,000 - 3rd $100,000 - 4th and thereafter.
AUTO BEAM rapid fire gun.$10,000
SHIELD will create impenetrable barrier around Opa-Opa.$12,000
RED BOTTLE will increase and prolong Power Meter.$9,000
BLUE BOTTLE will replenish Power Meter.$8,000

A Cast of Cruel Characters

The following is a complete lineup of enemy invaders. Since they are specifically assigned to individual rounds, you can get to know them and scope out who is left to attack per scene.

Pleasure Dome: Round 1






Sensor Straits: Round 2






Lost Fields: Round 3





Checkered Paths: Round 4





Lands of Fortune: Round 5





Electric Alleys: Round 6






Deadly Planes: Round 7





House of Blackhearts: Round 8

Here you will meet all the Blackhearts you have previously destroyed. Now you must remember how you beat them before and perform those same skilled moves once again.

For greater intrigue, we'll keep their identity a secret for you to uncover. Good luck.



Handling The Mega Cartridge™

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90-Day Limited Warranty

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This warranty does not apply if the defects have been caused by negligence, accident, unreasonable use, modification, tampering or any other causes not related to defective materials or workmanship.

To receive fast, reliable service, call the Sega Customer Service Department at the following numbers:

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Sega's service center is located at the following address:

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Limitations On Warranty

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