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Starting Up

1. Set up your Sega Master System as described in its instruction manual. Plug in Control Pad 1.

2. Make sure the power switch is OFF. Then insert the Dick Tracy Mega cartridge into the Power Base.

3. Turn the power switch ON. In a few moments, the Dick Tracy Title screen appears.

4. If the Title screen doesn't appear, turn the power switch OFF. Make sure your system is set up correctly and the cartridge is properly inserted. Then turn the power switch ON again.

Important: Always make sure the power switch is turned OFF before inserting or removing your Mega cartridge.

Note: Dick Tracy is for one player only.

Mob War!

Lips Manlis, the Club Ritz kingpin, and that vicious rat Big Boy Caprice have the town gripped in fear. Every hood, thug, and gangster is armed and on the street. Somebody's got to lay down the law. Only one man can handle this job. Calling Dick Tracy! Calling Dick Tracy!

Take Control!

D (Directional) Button

Buttons 1 and 2

Reset Button (on Power Base)

Pause Button (on Power Base)

Getting Started

A demo game follows the Title screen. Watch it for tips on fighting the mob. Press Button 1 or 2 (or wait) to see the Title screen again. Then press Button 1 or 2 twice to see the Options Selection screen. Press the D-Button down or up to choose an option, and left or right to see its selections.

You can play an Easy, Normal, Hard, or Hardest game. Try an Easy game to get the feel of your weapons. Then boost your skills at tire Normal and Hard levels. The Hardest game has the fastest action.
You will be awarded credits for successfully completing each round. The amount of credits you receive will depend on the difficulty level you are playing.

Note No additional credits are awarded on the "Hardest" level.

Preview the game's music and sound effects. Choose a number with the D-Button, then press Button 1 or 2.
Choose this and press Button 1 or 2 to start the action.

Blazing Bullets!

Get movin', Dick Tracy. These hoods aren't so hard to figure. Just shoot 'em. If they get too close, punch 'em. Duck their bullets and punches — they make you weak. Three lives and about three minutes are all you've got to get through a round. Clean up the area and the chase continues. Lose all your lives, and Big Boy gets the last laugh.

Mop up the goon squads with machine gun blasts.

Watch where your bullets hit to direct your fire. You'll break a few windows — that's life. Once in each round you can call in reinforcements on your wrist radio (press Buttons 1 and 2 together, then press either button to resume the action). That should wipe out the thug overload.

Rip through six stages of three rounds each. In the third round of each stage you'll face a major bad guy. Believe it, he'll be tough! Get rid of him and take a breather on the target range (see page 6). Read the movie screens between rounds, then press Button 1 or 2 to continue.

This Case Has Angles!

Tracy, don't let those rats put one over on you! Keep one eye on the top of the screen.

Lives Remaining
You start a game with three lives. When you lose one, you'll return to the crime scene if you have any left. Otherwise, the game ends.

:Strength Ban The boxes disappear as you take lead from the goons. Lose all the boxes and you lose one life.

Points earned so far.
Seconds Remaining
How much time you have to finish the round. You start with 200 seconds. If time runs out, the game ends. If you make it through, you start the next round with another 200 seconds.
Gun/Radio Available
G stands for "Gun" and R for "Radio." You can only use an item when its initial is showing.
Stage & Round
Shows how far you've moved into the action. When you reach the third round of a stage and face the major boss, his strength bar will appear. Keep an eye on that bar. When it gets low, you've got the drop on the boss. Go for the final shot!

Target Practice

Make it through a stage and you'll get in some practice on the target range. You've got to be quick on the trigger, and smart. When the targets flip, shoot the enemies, hold fire on your friends. Making the right decision will earn you extra chances to continue the game.

Press Button 1 to shoot targets on the left. Press Button 2 to shoot those on the right. Your friends are the ones with police badges.

Book 'Em, Tracy!

It could take all night to win this mob war. Make it through all the stages and bring the hoods to their knees. If you don't and you lose all your lives, the game ends and the Game Over screen appears. If you have Credits remaining, the Continue screen will appear next. From this screen you can either continue or restart the game. Use the D-Button to choose, and press Button 1 or 2 before 20 seconds count down on screen.

If you continue, you'll return to the same stage and round where the last game ended and your score will reset to zero. If you restart, you'll go back to the Title screen.


Turning goons into stiffs earns you points. You earn an extra No Break Bonus if you get through a shootout without damaging any property. Your current score and the high score for the game appear at the bottom of the Game Over and Continue screens.

Crimestopper's Textbook

The City

Stage 1: Tracy Gets a Lead

You get a lead and take a load of lead from the rats in the alley. They're gunning for you outside the cop house. In the train yard, Steve-the-Tramp is just begging for a knuckle sandwich . . .

Stage 2: Destination - 7th Street Warehouse

. . . and he'll sing for his supper. You find out about the nitro and shatter the speed limit with a heart-stopping car chase. Back on the dark streets . . .

Stage 3: Hitting the Streets

. . . goons in trenchcoats and tommyguns stage a little massacre. The Brow wants the nitro, but you beat feet to Club Ritz. Lips Manlis fixes a Molotov cocktail with your name on it . . .

Stage 4: An Explosive Confrontation

. . . and plans a big blow-out at the explosives plant. The rest of the night's down the drain, right into the sewer. These guys got more creepy hiding places than a sponge full of worms. But it's the only way to the warehouse . . .

Stage 5: A New Lead?

. . . where you get another lead. You tail one of Big Boy's gunsels to a hideout. A chase, and then a face you can't forget - Flattop! It's a showdown with the lights out! Just as you run out of ammo . . .

Stage 6: After a Rat!

. . . Big Boy slips into the sewer like the rat he is. His wise guys mob you in the train yard, but you battle through to the gear house. Now it's you and Big Boy, muzzle to muzzle . . .

The Bosses


Poison ivy from the get-go, his moniker describes both his trigger finger and his entire mangy personality.

The Brow

Smart and murderous, he's the brainy criminal. Those creases in his forehead match the notches on his gun.

Lips Manlis

An oyster-slurping slob who had the Club Ritz in his pocket. Until he started serving Molotov cocktails . . .


This explosive felon is loyal only to money. He's TNT with a short fuse.


Big Boy's main hit man, this square-head is crazy over tommyguns.

Big Boy Caprice

This nutcase kingpin is out to own the town. As he says, "If you ain't for the people, you can't buy the people."

Handling Your Cartridge

Limited Warranty

Sega of America, Inc., warrants to the original consumer purchaser that the Sega Master System Cartridge shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ninety days from the date of purchase. If a defect covered by this limited warranty occurs during this 90-day warranty period, Sega will repair or replace the defective cartridge or component part, at its option, free of charge.

This limited warranty does not apply if the defects have been caused by negligence, accident, unreasonable use, modification, tampering, or any other causes not related to defective materials or workmanship.

To receive warranty service, call the Sega Consumer Service Department at the following number:


Our Consumer Service Department is in operation from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday and from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Pacific Time), Saturday and Sunday. DO NOT RETURN YOUR SEGA MASTER SYSTEM CARTRIDGE TO YOUR RETAIL SELLER. Return cartridge to Sega Consumer Service. Please call first for further information.

If the Sega technician is unable to solve the problem by phone, we will provide you with instructions on returning your defective cartridge to us. The cost of returning the cartridge to Sega's Service Center shall be paid by the purchaser.

Repairs after Expiration of Warranty

If your Sega Master System Cartridge requires repairs after termination of the 90-day limited warranty period, you may contact the Sega Consumer Service Department at the number listed above. If the technician is unable to solve the problem by phone, he will advise you of the estimated cost of repair. If you elect to have the repair done, you will need to return the defective merchandise, freight prepaid and insured against loss or damage, to Sega's Service Center with an enclosed check or money order payable to Sega of America, Inc. for the amount of the cost estimate provided to you by the technician. If, after inspection, it is determined that your cartridge cannot be repaired, it will be returned to you and your payment will be refunded.

Limitations on Warranty

Any applicable implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby limited to ninety days from the date of purchase and are subject to the conditions set forth herein. In no event shall Sega of America, Inc., be liable for consequential or incidental damages resulting from the breach of any express or implied warranties.

The provisions of this limited warranty are valid in the United States only. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or exclusion of consequential or incidental damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty provides you with specific legal rights. You may have other rights which vary from state to state.

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