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The Hunt

The Year: 2242. You are Paladin, the toughest bounty hunter in the galaxy. Monstrous Cyborgs are threatening to take control of the universe under the direction of their evil leader, Vipron. Your mission is to gain access to Vipron's chambers and destroy him. Sound easy enough? It isn't. Once inside the forbidding Cyborg fortress, you'll have to fight your way through seven separate Cyborg-infested areas, each having five levels. Warp-speed elevators will transport you to each level.

At the beginning of the hunt, your only weapons are your fists, stamina, and your ability to outwit the onslaught of deadly Cyborg guards. You'll have to pick up additional weapons and equipment as you travel through each area. To test your wits even further, you'll need ID Cards to access some areas of the fortress.

Fortunately, you're not alone. Adina, your contact back at headquarters, will provide some vital clues that may save your life. And split-screen technology will alert you to the deadly enemies that lurk ahead.

Preparing for the Hunt

  1. Make sure the power switch is off, then insert the CYBORG HUNTER cartridge into the Power Base.
  2. Plug in both Control Pads.
  3. Turn on the power switch.
  4. Once the title screen appears, press Button #1 to start your quest.
  5. Press the Pause Button on your Power Base to pause the game during play; press it again to resume play.

The Cyborg Fortress

The first stop on your quest is the Area Selection Screen. Move to the right by holding down the RIGHT directional arrow. Adina, your contact at headquarters, will appear with vital instructions. To continue reading her instructions, press Button #1. When her message is completed, press Button #1 to return to the Area Selection Screen. The Cyborg Fortress is divided into four sections:

Section 1 - Areas A, B, C
Section 2 - Areas D, E
Section 3 - Area F
Section 4 - Area G (Vipron is here.)

Each section contains Lower Cyborgs, Chief Cyborgs, and a Cyborg boss. You must defeat the Cyborg boss to gain an ID Card for access to the next section.

To enter an area, move to the marked door using the LEFT or RIGHT directional arrows. Once in front of the door, push the UP directional arrow. You'll be automatically transported to the area you have selected. (At the beginning of the game, you may only enter Areas A, B, and C. As Adina will tell you, it's best to enter Area A first.)

Life Meter
Displays your remaining life strength. Contact with enemies and other obstacles will reduce your life strength.
Psycho Power Meter
Shows your remaining Psycho Power. When you use certain weapons, you'll drain your Psycho Power.

Time for Battle

Once inside an area, your goal is to destroy all the Chief Cyborgs in that area. The Chief Cyborgs are displayed in white on your 3-D Tunnel Scope. The Lower Cyborgs are displayed in red. You must defeat all the Chief Cyborgs to be able to leave the area you are in. The number of Chief Cyborgs remaining in an area is displayed above the Battle Screen.

To Run
Press the RIGHT or LEFT directional arrows.
To Jump
Press Button #2.
To Punch or Fire a Weapon
Press Button #1.
To Set a Bomb
Press the UP directional arrow

The Elevator

Each area has five floors, Use the elevator to travel from floor to floor. Consult your Radar Map to determine which floors are accessible from your current position.

To enter the elevator, stand in front of the elevator door and press the UP directional arrow.

Once inside the elevator, press the RIGHT directional arrow to move to the exit door on the right-hand side. While facing the door, select a floor number with the UP or DOWN directional arrows. To start the elevator, press Button #1 or Button #2. When you reach the selected floor, the door will open automatically. To exit the elevator, press the RIGHT directional arrow while facing the exit door. While remaining on the same floor, you can open the door by pressing Button #1 or Button #2. To close the door, press the DOWN directional arrow.)

Your Arsenal of Weapons

You begin the game with Normal Punch and Psycho Punch. You can also pick up other weapons and equipment as you explore the levels in each area. You can change your current arsenal by going to the Item Selection Screen. To access the Item Selection Screen, press Button #1 or Button #2 on the second player Control Pad. Your current weapons are displayed in the left-hand column. Your current equipment is displayed in the right-hand column. You can only select one item from each column.


Normal Punch
You'll start the game with your bare fists.
Psycho Punch
Each explosive punch will reduce your Psycho Power.
Psycho Gun
The most powerful weapon available. It will drain your Psycho Power.
Ray Gun
Unlimited bullets. It will not reduce your Psycho Power.
Light Gun
Each shot lights up the total darkness found on some levels. Your Psycho Power is not affected.
Use it against your toughest opponents.


Use it to break through the force field in Area B.
ID Cards
To win one, defeat the Cyborg boss in each section. Slide the ID Card into the computer terminal located in the Area Selection Screen to access the next section.
Jet Engine
Wear it to fly over obstacles and enemies. To select a weapon, press the LEFT directional arrow on the first player Control Pad to move to the left column, then move the red icon next to the weapon you want using the UP and DOWN directional arrows. To select your equipment, press the RIGHT directional arrow to move to the right-hand column, and move the blue icon next to the item you want. Press Button #1 or Button #2 to return to the fortress.

The End of the Hunt

Your mission is over when you defeat Vipron in Area G or if your Life Meter runs out of juice.

If you die, you can continue your quest by selecting the CONTINUE option on the GAME OVER Screen. If you choose to continue, you'll start at the bottom level of the area where you lost your life. The RETRY option will take you back to the beginning of the game.

Hunting Tips

See the main page for Cyborg Hunter / Chouon Senshi Borgman (超音戦士ボーグマン)

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