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The dangerous journey of the great wise prophet Michael Chen begins in the sky somewhere deep in the heart of China. Help him find the path to enlightenment in this high-flying adventure from Sega.

Loading Instructions: Starting Up:

  1. Make sure the power switch is OFF.
  2. Insert the game cartridge in the Power Base (shown below) as described in your SEGA SYSTEM manual.
  3. Turn the power switch ON. If nothing appears on the screen, turn the power switch OFF, remove the cartridge, and try again.
  4. At the title screen, press Button 1 to start the game.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure that the Power Base is turned OFF when inserting or removing your Mega Cartridge.

The Story of Michael Chen

Back when the Earth was young, there was a mysterious hermit named Michael Chen who rode the wind on a cloudlike chariot. He had meditated deep in the mountainous regions of central China for many years, and had grown powerful with the knowledge of the ancients. With luck and a little more study, he hoped to gain the title of "Cloud Master," which would make him a powerful mystic indeed.

But dark forces conspired against the young hermit, and attacked him one after the other, trying to interfere with his all-important studies. Help Michael Chen wipe out these evil powers and assist him in becoming a Cloud Master!

Taking Control

Directional Button (D-Button)
Moves Michael Chen in eight (8) directions.
Button 1
Normal shot (forward-moving projectile).
Button 2
Power-up weapon.

Game Objective

At the title screen, choose one or two players. As the screen scrolls slowly to the left, you control Michael Chen, who rides on his cloud and shoots at oncoming enemies. The game is divided into five rounds. At the end of each round, a boss creature must be defeated in order to move on to the next round. Middle bosses also occupy each round. These must be defeated in order to obtain special power-up weapons. When the boss at the end of Round 5 is defeated, the game returns to Round 1, but with heightened action.

Game Over

Each player starts with four lives. You lose a life whenever you touch or are shot at by an enemy, or if you get squeezed to the edge of the screen by a rock. You gain a new life when you reach 30,000 points, and every 200,000 points
after that.

When the game ends, you have the option of continuing at the point in the round you last occupied. You can use the Continue feature up to three (3) times.

The Game Screen

The Battle

At first, you'll have to destroy the enemy using a normal shot. Destroy the middle bosses in order to enter the power-up chamber. You see the chamber as a door with a (?) on it. Maneuver Michael Chen over the door and push the D-Button up. Once inside, you have your choice of various power-up weapons. Select the weapon you want with the D-Button and press Button 1 to obtain it. Once back outside, press Button 2 to activate the power-up weapon.

Once you've obtained a power-up weapon, it stays in effect as long as you don't lose a life. If you make it to the next power-up chamber, even more powerful weapons will be at your disposal. In addition, if you choose the same type of weapon twice in a row, its power will be increased.

Power-Up Weapons

Four-Circle Guard
Four fireballs encircle Michael Chen. They extinguish when they destroy an enemy, but when all have been used up, press Button 2 again for a fresh supply. (Attack power = 6.)

Two-Way Guard
Two fireballs shoot out above and below Michael Chen. (Attack power = 4.)

Three-Way Guard
Three fireballs shoot out above, below and behind Michael Chen. (Attack power = 4.)

Dragon Fire
Flame circles Michael Chen once and then shoots forward. It continues rotating, extinguishing as it travels forward. (Attack power = 10.)

Four images of Michael Chen fly off in separate directions. (Attack power = 4.)

Two Crescents
Two crescent-shaped shots are fired backward. They then separate and curve forward. (Attack power =4.)

Four Crescents
Four crescent-shaped shots are fired backward. They then separate and curve forward. (Attack power = 4.)

This is a normal bomb that explodes when it reaches the ground. You must destroy the enemy with a direct hit. (Attack power =10.)

Bouncing Bomb
Same as a normal bomb, except that it bounces forward until it hits an enemy or obstacle. (Attack power = 10.)

Search Bomb
This weapon drops close to the ground and flies horizontally. It explodes when it hits an enemy or an obstacle. (Attack power = 10.)

Super Bomb
This bomb drops to the ground and bounces as it moves forward. It penetrates through enemies and obstacles. (Attack power = 10.)

Scatter Bomb
This bomb explodes when dropped and scatters six or eight fragments, which destroy the enemy. A second bomb cannot be dropped until all the fragments disappear. If it hits an enemy or obstacle directly, it destroys them but does not fragment. (If a direct hit: Attack power = 10. If bomb fragments: Attack power = 5.)

Other Power-Up Methods

You don't have to enter the power-up chamber to increase Michael Chen's abilities. Sometimes, when you knock down a formation of Gyoza (Chinese dumplings) or Shumai (Chinese shrimp dumplings), a jar containing a power-up item will appear. When Michael Chen touches the jar, his power goes up. There are five kinds of power-up jars:

Each time this is taken, Michael Chen's shot power increases by one (1) step, up to a maximum of six (6) steps.


When taken, Michael Chen's power goes up by two (2) steps.

Michael Chen's speed increases by six (6) steps.

Michael Chen's weapons shoot rapid-fire.


Michael Chen's number of lives increase by one.

The Enemy

Gyoza: 100 points
Four per formation.

Shumai: 100 points
Four per formation.

Ramen: 100 points
Flies in a zigzag.

Kanton Man: 200 points

Pig Head: 200 points
Flies in a circle.

Flying Tiger: 200 points

White Tile: 300 points
Pursues Michael Chen.

Mushroom: 100 points
Flies toward Michael Chen in a circle.

Chu Tile: 100 points
Scatters shots in four directions. Also makes one shot aimed at Michael Chen.

Small Rock: 500 points
Flies horizontally at high speed from right to left.

Sword: 500 points
Flies horizontally at high speed from right to left.

Cone Rock: 500 points
Drops slowly from top to bottom.

Big Rock: 500 points
Flies slowly and horizontally from right to left.

Panda: 100 points
Appears from the cloud in a group of three (3).

Piggoid: 300 points
Appears from the ground.

Turtle: 100 points
Shoots from the ground.

Soldier: 200 points
Takes 2~3 steps to right or left; rarely shoots.

Monkey: 200 points
Jumps backwards while running.

Tiger with Shield: 200 points
Runs out to screen from right and disappears tumbling.

Ground Dragon: 300 points
Shoots from the ground.

Rock on Ground: Nondestructive; cannot be destroyed. Will lose life if trapped between rock and edge of screen.

Middle Bosses

Lightning Boy: 5,000 points
Shoots lightning. Appears twice. (Round 1)

Evil Hermit: 6,000 points
Appears twice. (Round 2)

Bad Buddha: 7,000 points
Appears twice. (Round 3)

Two-Headed Demon: 8,000 points
Appears twice. (Round 4)

Kaimyo Beast: 9,000 points
Appears 3 times. (Round 5)

Round Bosses

Phoenix: 10,000 points
(Round 1)

Kappa: 10,000 points
(Round 2)

Giant Buddha: 10,000 points
(Round 3)

Shogun: 10,000 points
(Round 4)

????: 10,000 points
(Round 5)

Helpful Hints



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