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Rescue the hostages from impending death.
On land, at sea and from underground caverns.

What's Happening

You man a chopper rescue team. And it's your responsibility to make sure hundreds of hostages – on land and at sea – are returned to safety.

You must land your HAWK Z helicopter at the most strategic spots possible – all the while dodging and destroying dangerous enemy fire.

There are 64 hostages in each site. But your helicopter only holds 16. So you'll have to devise a way to get in and out of these treacherous regions with a minimum of casualties.

When you successfully rescue and return at least 40 of the 64 hostages from each region, you will be sent on to the next region. Where the enemy is more persistent. And the pace is faster.

Who's Who and What's What

Hawk Z

You're a HAWK Z rescue chopper and the people waving for help are the ones you have to rescue.

But there's more than one impediment that does everything to get in the way of your efforts to save as many people as you can.

Jaguar 1 Type Tank
Jaguar 1 Type Tank

This enemy's interceptor tank watches over the barracks and caverns which hold the hostages. It shoots projectiles at HAWK Z from the ground, so be careful flying at low altitudes!


These 64 people are desperately looking to you to rescue them!

Big Shark
Big Shark

A powerful ship that is guarding the hostages. When it takes aim and fires at HAWK Z, it is very accurate.

Bat MR11
Bat MR11

This figher plane speedily attacks HAWK Z and is a formidable enemy in the air.

In addition to the above, there are various enemies such as the antiaircraft gun, missiles and aircushioned vehicles launching assaults against you.

The Rescue Scene

The battlefields in this game are on the ground, at sea and in the caverns as the screen shown moves to the right or left. Therefore, the portion shown on the screen at one time covers only a part of the actual total scene.

In accordance with the movements of HAWK Z, the screen also moves automatically. Beware of the enemies' positions so as to ensure the rescue of the hostages from the 4 barracks!

In this game, battles take place in the 3 scenes, i.e. the ground, the sea and the cavern. Each time you enter a new pattern you are resupplied with 3 new HAWK Zs.

As the game advances, the enemies' attack will become more fierce and your rescuing of the hostages more difficult.

The game will continue indefinitely as long as you have any HAWK Zs and rescue more than 40 hostages in the previous pattern. So there's never an end to the rescue operation.

Taking Control

The following illustration shows you the control points on your SEGA SYSTEM control pad. Throughout this instruction book we will refer to these controls by the names indicated in this illustration.

SMS Control Pad

For 2 players, push button 2.

For one player, push the START button 1.

Maneuver HAWK Z in 8 Directions

Eight directions

HAWK Z can be maneuvered in 8 directions by using the CONTROLLER.

While flying in the air, it can be put in an inclining angle so as to destroy the enemies on the ground and at sea.

NOTE: Don't be overly excited so as to lose control. Also be careful not to collide with the ground and destroy yourself.

Direction Change

By using the CONTROL PAD's right-hand side button 2, HAWK Z can be maneuvered so as to. change its forwarding directions.

If the button is kept pressed down, HAWK Z reverses its course from the right to the left (RIGHT → LEFT) or from the left to the right (LEFT → RIGHT) and if the button is pressed only briefly, then it changes its direction from the right to the front (RIGHT → FRONT) or from the left to the front (LEFT → FRONT); or from the front to the left (FRONT → LEFT) or from the front to the right (FRONT → RIGHT).


By using the CONTROL PAD's left-hand side button 1, HAWK Z can attack the enemies.

When facing the right or left, it can shoot projectiles and when facing the front it can drop bombs. Skillfully maneuver it and make full use of these features.

Oops. Try Again

You start the game with 3 HAWK Zs. When all three have been shot down, or when 25 or more hostages are lost, the game is over.

But each time you enter a new region, you'll receive 3 more HAWK Zs.

Know the Score

The points you earn by destroying the enemy and saving the hostages are added together to provide your final score. You will discover the point value of other characters as you play.

Destroying a JAGUAR, 1 type (tank)100 points
Destroying a BIG SHARK (battleship)100 points
Destroying a BAT MRII (fighter plane)200 points
Destroying a GOBLIN (an air mine)100 points
Rescuing one hostage200 points

(Rescuing hostages collectively earns you 200 points for the 1st one, 400 points for the 2nd, 600 points for the 3rd...up to a maximum of 3,200 points.)

Bonus Points

When proceeding to the next scene, your BONUS POINTS are calculated as follows:

40 Minus the number of lost hostages × 100 points plus the remaining number of HAWK Zs × 1000 points.

Special Bonus Points

When all 40 hostages are rescued, a SPECIAL BONUS of 100,000 points is earned.

Helpful Hints

If chopper is facing left or right, you shoot targets in the air or at ground line – if face on, you bomb tanks with shoot button.

If you keep your chopper at an inclined angle when flying, you can destroy enemies at land and sea without stopping.

Try to land your chopper as close to the barracks as possible. The shorter the distance your hostages have to go, the less chance of them becoming moving targets and greater chance of their rescue.

When approaching an island, take a pot shot (without hitting a hostage) to let them know that you're on your way.

This is primarily a rescue game. So concentrate first on rescuing hostages and secondly on destroying the enemy.

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